Makati City Venues For Small Events

It seems that big events are becoming very common nowadays. From big splashy weddings to grand flashy first birthdays, the trend seems to be the bigger, the better. However, a big event comes with an equally big bill which is why sometimes it is more reasonable to just have a small and simple event instead. The tendency for big events has made finding a venue in Makati City for a big event quite easy. What people actually struggle with nowadays is finding a good venue for a reasonably small event. If you are planning a small event soon and would like to have it in Makati, below are some good venues you may want to consider.

  • Hotels. Aside from Manila, Makati is probably the city that has the most number of hotels in it. Whether the hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel or a quaint inn, chances are it has function rooms that you can rent for your event. The good thing about hotels is that you can ask them to handle the catering as well so that you do not have to look for catering in Makati. You can also discuss other hotel services and promos you might be able to avail of such as discounted room rates for guests or participants of your event.
  • Condominiums. Makati is also home to numerous condominiums or apartment buildings. Many of these buildings have function rooms or areas that you can rent. However, some condominium buildings require that you are a resident of the building or that you have an endorsement from a resident.
  • Galleries. There are some small galleries in Makati that you can rent for your event. Galleries are perfect for events that involve a lot of mingling around. Cocktails are often part of the menu for events held in galleries.
  • Restaurants. With the number of restaurants in Makati, you will surely find one that suits your requirements for your event. If the restaurant is small enough, you might even be able to request the exclusive use of the restaurant for a particular duration. Bigger restaurants, on the other hand, often have separate areas that you can use for small gatherings. It is also not unheard of to use at least an area in a restaurant bar or club for various celebrations.

The key to finding the perfect venue is by being clear with what you want and focusing your search to those that fit your requirements. With the more than an adequate number of potential venues in Makati, you will surely find one that will help make your event a success.


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