Do It Yourself: Five (5) Tips To Decorate Your Own Wedding Cake

Whether you’re considering to bake your own cake, buy the layers from a shop or to have it added on the catering services package, you might want to have a say on how it would totally look like. Here are five (5) decorating tips to ensure that your wedding cake would appear delish, yummy and memorable to everyone who sees and tastes it.

  • Colors. Be colorful but make it edible-looking. Use your wedding theme as a guide. If your motif is royal blue and fuchsia pink, this doesn’t mean that you have to make a blue or pink cake. You may go white and add bluish or pinkish accents on the add-ons.


  • Toppers. Stay away from the generic ones like the usual bride and groom standing side by side figures or two dove-kissing statuettes. Find a piece that correctly defines you. If you have superheroes as your main theme, try batman and wonder woman. Be creative in using items that are meaningful and significant – his first heart-shaped gift on your valentine’s day together or perhaps, a romantic heirloom imitation of two rings entwined with each other which has been passed on for centuries in the family. Deviate from the norm and think outside the box.


  • Decors. Rule of thumb when it comes to the decors is – do not overdo. Remember, simplicity is beauty. Choices may range from small miniature of sugarcraft roses or tulips that match the ones used in the bouquet, or tiny ribbons around the layer. If your cake has a strawberry filling on it, adorn it with lil strawberries. You may also décor it with fresh flowers for a more visual effect.


  • Platter. For themed weddings like Christmas, little wreaths to cover the platter may be a good idea. For a garden summer affair, leaves or petals may be reasonably cool and fun.


  • Transportation. Think ahead on how you can transport it to the location of the reception. Be sure to coordinate with your catering services as to where the wedding cake can placed with maximum visibility yet ensured to be safe from any possible mishap.



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