Wedding Buffet: Four (4) Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Buffet Table

Holding a lunch or dinner buffet is one of the popular choices when it comes to a wedding reception. It is less formal, the guests get to help themselves to exactly what they want to eat plus it allows them to mingle with other people. Whether you are organizing wedding events or offering catering services, here are four (4) helpful tips to set the wedding buffet table with creative flair and give a first-class treatment to everyone.

1. Tablecloth. When it comes to choosing a cloth to cover the table, skip white especially if you’re serving platters that contain a lot of sauce. Pick a shade and pattern that go well with the overall theme. The fabric or the material also matters. If you’re having an informal affair by the beach, a different option would be contrasting colored paper napkins.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. Risers. To give a more professional look, a common practice is to put in risers. Elevate the most delish items and make them easily accessible to everybody. Some of the preferred pieces are wood boxes or books. You may also use logs and shelves to highlight the setting and enhance the visual appeal.risers3. Identification Cards. To avoid being asked time and again what a certain dish is called, apply captions to ID each food type. Write the name on a piece of paper and let the wine cork be used as a stand. Consider including one of the ingredients to serve as a warning to those who are on a strict diet. You may also employ this in case of a Do-It-Yourself Salad or Taco station so they can easily concoct their own dessert. identification cards4. Decorations. The rule of thumb when it comes to decors is to keep it beautiful but simple. You would want the crowd to check out the food not the design, wouldn’t you? Here are some alternatives:

  • Flowers. Put them in low vases and maintain the floral arrangement in a positive way that it will create color in the display. Be selective in putting these though as there are flowers like the carnations that are not advisable to be placed next to the
  • Fruits and Veggies. Try bold baskets or bowls of colorful fruits from pineapples, citrus, oranges to berries. Include a touch of figs and herbs. Weigh the size, length and width of the tabletop. If it’s quite long, you may place two arrangements at each side.fruits and veggies
  • Balloons. These are known to be flexible and economical. Be varied in hues and shapes – red, pink, blue, heart-shaped, flower, animal-inspired, depending on your wedding scheme. Tie the mouth to a heavy object and let them float over.balloons
  • Candles. These symbolize romance and peace. Should you like to design with these, remember to confirm first with the catering venue if candles are allowed. If it is not, you may go for battery-operated ones. Know the limits and the quality of a real candle to avoid disaster such as accidentally putting a cloth on fire. Scent is also an important factor in selecting a candle. Do not go for the ones that have strong scent as this will compete with the smell of the food. Take into consideration the holders and containers as well.candles
  • Photos or Souvenirs. Placing a framed picture of the couple to entertain those waiting in the line is another variety. Positioning the favors and nal feel tmementos for all to see can increase the elegant and emotioo the

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