Wedding Photography: Five (5) Bridal Tips On How To Look Radiant On Your Photos

The beauty of your wedding photos doesn’t rely on your photography service’s technical skills alone. A good photographer can only do much. Majority of it lies on your hands as you are the subject of the photograph. Here are five (5) bridal tips on how to be radiant on your special day.

1. It’s all about how you feel. Be yourself. Enjoy! Don’t be self-conscious. Concentrate on joyful and positive thoughts. What has the future in store for you? As you contemplate this, your feelings will show. Why did you hold the nuptial in a historic church like Nuestra Señora de Gracia, for example? Did you decide on this for sentimental reasons? Think back similar situations so that your expression will reflect your emotions and translate back to the camera. What excites you mainly in this new chapter of your life? Would it be your honeymoon? Be playful. Let your enthusiasm demonstrate your passion. This is especially helpful in times of candid shots.

nuestra seniora 2. Get comfortable with the camera. During engagement and photo shoots, wear comfortable clothes that complement your appearance. Collaborate with your photographer and build a rapport so you will appear relaxed on your pictures. For the duration of the ceremony though, it would be wise to forget that the camera exists so you wouldn’t consistently check yourself and instead, remain focused on seizing the moment.

photo shoot3. Take advantage of the power of make-ups. General rule of thumb: keep makeup and eyelashes normal and classic. Choose brown mascara over black and make sure that it is waterproof. For lipstick, opt for a lasting lip color. If there’s none available, select a shade that is closer to the groom’s tux so it would blend well with his looks. For the foundation, match it with your skin tone and double-check how it comes out in natural and artificial lights. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken as a zombie in front of a cam, would you? Use highlighters and subtle peachy pink blush to get that blushing glow. For an evening garden affair in a venue such as The Oasis, apply dramatic eye makeup and light-colored glossy lipstick.

the power of make-ups4. Strike a pose. Practice in front of the mirror and see which pose highlights your best features. With hand on hip, which body posture would emphasize your long legs and slim waist? Where do you angle your face so it would be most complimentary? Would turning to the left display your dimples more? Which type of smile expresses your greatest joy – the one showing teeth or otherwise? Always keep your heads up and never look down.

strike a pose5. Avoid stressing yourself. Accidents happen all the time so save yourself the trouble of getting stressed. Have a white chalk in hand in case your gown gets stained. Ask your partner to have a hanky available so to wipe your sweat anytime. An oil-dabbing strip on his pocket is a good choice as well.

avoid stress


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