Wedding Photography: Must-Take Shot List During The Wedding Proper

It is recommended that every couple should have a shot list in mind when they scout for the person who’d do their photographs. In this way, aside from the usual must-takes, the photographer would also know if the special requests and preferences made are possible and doable. Whether it’s a catholic wedding on a historic place like Binondo Church or San Agustin Church, an intimate garden affair on The Glass Garden or The Oasis, or it would be done on a secluded beach in the magnificent Boracay Island or Colon, Palawan, here is a quick checklist of the portions during the ceremony that are most essential to take.

Wedding-Limousine-300x202The limo and its arrival. The occasion officially begins as soon as the bride and groom arrive on the venue. The initial glimpse is comparable to a love story caught on film just waiting to unfold.

  • Guests arriving and the ushers guiding them to their seats.
  • Everyone’s expressions. Search for raw emotions and unguarded moments.
  • The groom’s limo from afar and up close.
  • The bride’s limo from afar and up close.
  • Him exiting his limousine.
  • Her stepping out of the bridal car. Her right leg on the ground while the rest of the body still inside. Close-up expression as soon as she sees everybody.
  • Spectators’ faces on the first view of her.

During the ceremony.

  • The choir and the processional music area.
  • The groom waiting at the altar with his bestman and the church official.
  • The procession. Groomsmen and bridesmaids partnered with each other as they march towards their seats one at a time. The ring bearer and flower girl following closely. The whole entourage.
  • The bride with her father walking down the aisle. Her side profile, front and back. The future husband’s face upon seeing his lady for the first time.
  • The father giving away his daughter. Her mom gazing from a distance.
  • The holding of hands.
  • The priest or minister officiating the wedding. If applicable, the bible readers, the chalice being raised, the sign of peace and receipt of communion.
  • The exchange of rings and vows. Zoom in to their hands and rings to capture the essence of the union. The looks they’re wearing while uttering their promises. Their parents’ emotion in between.
  • The kiss. Close-up and otherwise.
  • Them being introduced to everyone as man and wife. People clapping and happy.
  • In groups and with family in front of the altar. Optional.
  • The couple leaving. Flying confetti and birdseed thrown and showered. Well wishes from attendees.
  • The newlyweds on their way to the reception.

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