Wedding Reception Timeline: DOs and DONTs In Having A Customized Reception Schedule

Proper scheduling is tremendously important in planning a wedding party. It can make or break the whole experience after all. Late arrival of the catering services crew, insufficient lighting or backdrop for the photographer, each of these can spell major disaster to the newlyweds if not carefully thought about. Hence, here is a quick guideline on the basic DOs and DONTs in having a customized reception schedule.


  • Remember that it’s your ballgame. You can go old-fashioned and stick to classics or choose to modify the order of events based on your liking, no one should dare challenge you to do otherwise. This is your special day so there are no strict rules to follow.
  • Hire an organizer who knows her stuff and can envision your desires the way you want it. Working on the timeline is not an easy task. It has to be memorable enough to create a long lasting impact not just for the couple but to all witnesses as well. She should be able to visualize the entire program as if you did all the arrangement yourself. She should be someone who understands your priorities well, can collaborate with diverse personalities, has great organization and time management skills, and most of all, superlative in the creative department.
  • Think about the theme. Is it going to be held during morning, mid-day or evening? What segments are most applicable? Should you be hosting a tug of war game between the bridesmaid and the groomsmen to keep the crowd from getting sleepy? Would it be beach-inspired? Will they get to enjoy the waters and do a little snorkeling afterwards?


  • Disregard the traditional layout. You may opt to pick a different lineup but that doesn’t mean you have to totally scratch out what’s been working in the past. Use them as a reference when you’re mapping your timetable. How long will the festivity last? If you put in new ideas, would the group appreciate it or find it time-consuming? Which parts will stay or go? Do you slot the toast-making in the beginning or divide them in middle?
  • Forget to maintain an open mind when it comes to the venue. What’s the most ideal place to hold the affair? If you’re getting married in Antipolo and you’d want to book the catering event in Quezon City, you’d most likely encounter several obstacles along the way – traffic, extremely long waiting time and annoyed guests. How would you deal with this then?
  • Overlook the cultural background and values in designing your checklist. Others fail to consider this thus they lose the opportunity to think outside the box. For instance, in some parts of the Philippines, the new husband and wife dance while their loved ones pin bills on their clothes. On this note, if you’re the coordinator, you may need a moment to orient everybody about the routine and at the same time, think of ways to make it fun and lively and not give an impression that the wedded pair is only after the money. Should you sched the dance in the earlier portion where people have a revolution ongoing inside their stomachs?

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