Seasonal Weddings: Five (5) Tips for A Sunny Wedding

Most people love the summertime – the warmth of sun, the blooming flowers, and the spectacular night sky. It is no wonder that given the chance, many brides would prefer to be wedded during this time as opposed to doing it during the rainy days. If you’re one of these women, holding a summer affair may just be the perfect opportunity for you to shine. Be extra-radiant when your special day comes. Here is a quick guide to arrange a successful wedding during the dry seasons.

Venue. One of the first points to consider is the place where you’ll exchange solemn vows with your significant other.  It has got to be in an outdoor location so you can take advantage of the earth being so alive! A popular choice would be in a garden such as The Oasis or 55 Events Place. You’ll be surrounded by the beauty of nature from the fragrant roses, to the tall trees and lively skies. You may opt to do it in your own backyard too, if you’re aiming for a more intimate event. Another preferred option would be to plan for a destination wedding in beaches found in the Boracay Island or Coron, Palawan. From the calm sea to the sparkly sands to the fresh air, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy a serene and private ceremony. Whichever you decide, always keep your aim to the goal: to make it as unforgettable as possible as this happens only once in a lifetime.
venue2Date. Setting the month can be a lil tricky. Would you have it on December, January, April or May? Which brings the most significance to you as a couple? Remember that majority loves this season so you may need to create a good game-plan to ensure the best experience for everyone. When it comes to timing, should you go for a morning, afternoon or evening rendezvous? Be sure to record the highs and lows or change in temperature. Having it during noontime may be too hot and certain parts in the afternoon may produce glaring sunlight. Choose an hour that would provide cloud cover so you can bask on the great outdoors.  Consult your photographer to attain those flawless shots.
date1 Motif. Aim for shades ranging from white, yellow, orange and anything bright. Selecting the right colors can do wonders in achieving a relaxing and stunningly beautiful atmosphere. Be imaginative in incorporating items that you can associate with the sunny weather – fashionable straw hats for the ladies or stylish sunglasses for the gents.
motif2Theme. When you conceptualize, think about how you can exude a fun and blissful ambience memorable enough for all the people who’ll witness the occasion. Make a checklist on the decorations to use, the food and beverages to serve. If the chairs are made of metal or plastic, cover it up with cool linens to protect from the scorching heat. Offer lemonades, punches or mojitos to refresh the attendees. Have extra ice for the drinks. Perhaps you can utilize fans and distribute them as souvenirs too.
theme2Special items. Weigh in the things that would give utmost comfort to the guests. Have portable electric fans, AC units and hand-held cooling devices readily available anytime. Setup tents to shade everybody in case the glare of the sun becomes portable electricfan


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