Destination Weddings: Five (5) Steps To Get Started

Some brides dream to be wedded in a huge, glamorous church with their anticipating grooms waiting at the end of the grand aisle. Others would envision theirs on a white, sandy beach with the breathtaking scenery as backdrop. There are several who would love to exchange solemn vows in the beautiful English gardens of a country estate whereas there’s quite a few who would like it at a romantic chateau overseas. Make these dreams a reality by planning a destination wedding! Here are five (5) steps to get started.

  • Set your budget. The first step is to know how much you can allot for the whole occasion. If you want to be married somewhere else aside from your hometown, it’s best to initially map out your financial capabilities. From here, you’ll know if you can afford to go to an exotic island, tropical resort or a nearby countryside instead. Remember that there are various costs to think about: the prices of the flights, the hotel accommodations plus the usual fees to be paid for the ceremony and reception.budget
  • Pick a location. Once you’ve settled on the monetary part, the next item to work on is where you would prefer your wedding to take place. It could be a place significant enough to you and your fiancé. It could be somewhere near your honeymoon rendezvous! Keep in mind that whatever city or country you decide on, consider how accessible it will be to the important people in your guest list.Fotor0819152223
  • Set a date. One difficulty you might encounter is the traveling arrangements. Always book early to avoid being stressed when the big day comes. Check the weather so you would be readily prepared for any form of emergency. Ensure that you research on the locality’s events. You wouldn’t wanna time it during a year-end festival where a big crowd is expected to arrive, would you? It could ruin your well-prepared event if the area will be jam-packed with strangers from all over the world.date1
  • Find a coordinator. Employ the help of a pro, a family or friend who understands your goal. Someone who can communicate well with what you want and make this affair a success. She can take care of all details and coordinate with the photographer, DJ, and catering crew. She can make sound suggestions whether it would be better to hire like say a Makati catering service that has a solid reputation or go for an affordable local alternative you know nothing about. Basically, she can be a “second you” who shares the same visions as you coordinator
  • Seize the moment. Never forget that this only happens once in a lifetime so make it most out of the best day in your life.venue2

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