Do’s And Don’ts Of Catering For A Wedding

Catering for a wedding is quite different from ordinary or regular catering. First of all, it is almost always more formal and second, it is almost always more detail-oriented and meticulous. Hence, you will need to be well prepared when catering for a wedding. If you want to be successful in catering for a wedding, here are some do’s and don’ts that you might want to pay close attention to.

  • Do prepare or plan for extra guests. Don’t get caught running out of food. You see, despite the seat allotment that couples, nowadays, place on the invitations, a lot of the guests still bring extra companions. The more common companions include children, nannies, or caretakers (which are really quite easy to find excuses for). You cannot help it. Weddings are festive occasions and you know what they say about numbers – the more, the merrier! So do not get caught running out of food for guests. It is a major turn off that can potentially damage your reputation. For every 100, many catering services allot portions for about 10 extra people. Just make sure it is clear with the couple that you are charging for excess guests so you don’t end up treating people for free.


  • Do dress up for the occasion. Don’t come underdressed or overdressed. Weddings are most of the time formal, so dress up in something that suits the occasion. Make sure that the quezon city catering crew looks very presentable and not out of place. Otherwise, the guests will feel awkward and a bit reluctant to approach the crew for assistance. This makes the whole dining experience quite
  • Do some familiarization with the couple and their families. Don’t guess who’s who. The crew will be, for a brief period of time, in contact with the couple and the couple’s special guests. Make sure they know who the couples are (by names and faces) as well as their families (parents, siblings, and even some of the sponsors).  This will make it easy for the people to address them and assist them with the food and drinks. This adds a more personalized touch to the service.
  • Do coordinate closely with the couple and run every decision through them. Don’t decide when to pack up and leave on your own. Leftover food can be a sensitive issue if not handled correctly. Make sure you discuss with the couple what to do with the extra food or when packing up should be done. Do not allow the crew to take food home, unless of course it comes with the explicit permission from the couple.

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