Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Modern Wedding Anniversary Themes And Ideas

Anniversary gifts can either be inspired based on a traditional theme or a modern one. If you want to do away from the norm, the latter may be best suited for you.

What Are The Modern Gifts Given During Wedding Anniversaries

Here are some of the modern gift suggestions segregated per the most celebrated years of marriage.

1st Wedding Anniversary.

Theme: Clock


Top Suggestions:

  • Buy him a pocket watch with your names engraved at the back. Pick one of your sweetest wedding photos in Blue Leaf Events Pavilion for example and insert it inside.
  • Give her a nice sundial. Personalize it with a special inscription, dateline for your anniversary and time shadow that rides that line celebrating your special day every year.
  • Exchange wrist watches. Inscribe this at the back: “I love you minute after minute after minute”.

10th Wedding Anniversary.

Theme: Diamond Jewelry


Top Suggestions:

  • Recreate your wedding day with only your kids as witnesses. Say your vows, swap diamond rings, hire a catering service for the food and celebrate a private family party at your own home.
  • Purchase a fashionable anklet for her or especially designed cufflinks for him.

25th Wedding Anniversary.

Theme: Sterling Silver


Top Suggestions:

  • Commission an artist to paint you both in a candid manner and have the painting framed in sterling silver. Display this on the wall of your bedroom.
  • Surprise your spouse as soon as he or she wakes up in the morning. Put silver glitters and sparkles all over the bed, on the floor, down to the dining room where a special breakfast for two awaits. Prepare the meal in silver-made platters. Then scatter 25 love messages all over the house – on the ref, on top of the table, above the dresser wherein the 25th note includes a silver jewelry adorned with little balloons or flowers.

50th Wedding Anniversary.

Theme: Gold


Top Suggestions:

  • Decorate your car with a sign of “Just Married… 50 years ago”. Use gold ink and balloons to highlight the words. Then, cruise around the town together visiting your most memorable places. Make sure that each of you wears a brand new golden ring with the following phrase engraved: “50 years and counting…”
  • Setup a 50th anniversary memory table at one corner in your home documenting your journey as couples. Maximize the photo frames, personal items and cloth by adding a hint of gold on them. Place all the gifts from every member of the family there including a customized gold-colored shirt for him or her that has a quote that reads “Still Just Married After 50 Years”.

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