Different Types of Wedding Favor: Which One Suits You Best?

There are several considerations to think of when selecting a wedding favor. One of them is the favor-type – would you go for helpful bottle openers that your guests can use in their everyday lives or would you rather give delish mouthful pastries prepared by your partnered catering services. There are actually various options to choose from. Here are five (5) of them.

wedding favors

  1. Something Edible. From candies, to chocolates to brownies. Bread jam, cupcakes and finger goodies. The list can go on and on as each can guarantee satisfaction to everyone’s taste palette. Buy them in bulk or contract your catering services for discounted price. Should you opt for edible food, no one will leave with their stomachs unsatisfied. 
  1. Something Practical. Bookmarks, keychains, coffee cups. Wine glass, coasters, and measuring spoons. Perfect for people who love to collect useful items. Order them online and spend very little with practical mementos under $1. 
  1. Something Decorative. Photo frames, ornaments, figurines. Vases, candles, flower petals. More suited for recipients with creative side, these decorative keepsakes are intended not only to decor the guests’ homes but to challenge the bride and groom’s imaginative thoughts. Browse through your favorite shops over the web and select simple and affordable yet customizable items. 
  1. Something Eco-friendly. Go green with eco-friendly souvenirs. Impart the importance of taking of our environment. Give something sentimental and sustainable to remember you by – mini flower or herb pots, plantable seed-paper cards, terrarium. Head over to the flower shops downtown. Or hand over something recycled – reusable shopping bags or bird-houses made of recyclable materials. 
  1. Something Themed. If you have a beach or Hawaiian-inspired wedding, try ultra-colorful lei or garlands. If you’ll have it performed on a garden, present your customized mini-bouquets during the bouquet throwing. Do not be afraid to be original and inventive.

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