Five (5) Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Favor

Show your appreciation to the people who witnessed the culmination of your dreams. Give them something they would definitely enjoy and like. Here are five (5) quick things to consider when choosing a wedding favor.


  • Theme and Color. Think about the theme of your wedding. Match your favor based on the colors, where the event took place or the overall mood and setting. If you have a beach sunset wedding, it would be wise to stick to beach-inspired ornaments having colors of sea-blue and sunset-orange. Try getting a few samples and arrange them on a table to see the effect.
  • Packaging. Other favors come with customized boxes, wrappings or some sort of a pouch. Take into account the size and shape of your keepsake – is it too large, would the shape require you to do an additional packaging or should you to opt for those that are already pre-packaged?
  • Type of favor. Ask yourself which specific type your guests would love the best. Would you collaborate with your wedding caterer and go for an edible favor or would you lean to practical mementos like bookmarks and bottle openers?
  • Memorable. Create an emotional tie with each person who attended your special day. Select keepsakes that have an important meaning to you and your significant one – a reminder of the time when he first told you he loves you or the way on how he proposed; a souvenir that reflects both of your interests or shows your personality and outlook in life.
  • Inexpensive. Find a favor the fits your budget – not too grand, not too cheap either. Look for someone you can trust to help you decide – your wedding organizer, your wedding catering guys, your family and friends. Do not hesitate to seek assistance. The more engaged they are in every aspect of the occasion brings them closer to you and your man.

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