Do’s and Don’ts Inside a Church

Churches are among the most quiet and serene place you can find anywhere. No matter what religion it is for, a church usually has its own set of rules or what to do and not to do while inside the place of worship. Although a lot of churches will not really have an actual explicit list of dos and don’ts, there is a proper decorum that is often expected of people inside churches. Some behaviors are avoided simply because it is expected and part of a default need to conform to the rules and expectations.

Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish

Nuestra Señora de Gracia Parish

Our Lady of Remedies

Our Lady of Remedies

These dos and don’ts vary depending on the different churches and different religions. While one behavior may be okay in the Our Lady of Remedies church, the same behavior may not be allowed in others such as the Nuestra Señora de Gracia church.

Below are some of the common dos and don’ts behavior when inside a church.

  • Do: Dress appropriately. Although there are a few churches who may not create any issue with the clothing that you choose to wear to church, there are many churches that have certain expectations when it comes to attire. Find out and learn beforehand what clothing are expected if you are unsure. It is always good to go for safe pieces; aim for semi-formal or smart casual.
  • Do: Follow the ceremony. Whatever kind of ceremony is performed in the church, make sure to comply and do what is expected of the participants. Pay attention really well during the ceremony and do actions such as standing, sitting, and kneeling whenever the ceremony calls for it.
  • Don’t: Use your mobile devices. Whether it is a 10-inch tablet or a 3-inch smartphone, using mobile devices inside churches are generally frowned upon. Before going inside the church, turn off your mobile device or put it in silent mode to ensure that it will not make any noise and end up bothering other people inside the church.
  • Don’t: Be noisy. Most churches have an atmosphere of calmness and silence. Being quiet is often a default behavior in almost any kind of church. The expectation to be quiet is not just for the sake of keeping the silence; it is also for other churchgoers, so that they will not be disturbed by the noise. Most people who go to church go there to pray and reflect which is best done without any distracting noise.

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