Five (5) Things To Remember When Writing A Wedding Toast

wedding toast

The key to a memorable wedding toast is the message. The power of your words can have the ability to leave everyone speechless – from the newlyweds, friends and family to the wedding caterer, organizer and band performers. Here are five (5) things to remember when writing your wedding speech.

  • It has a beginning, middle and end. Just like any other speech, take time to prepare for it. Create an outline of the flow. Note down the important facts. Stick to a two- to three-minute speech. Go straight to the point. Keep in mind that the secret to sincerity is communicating straight from the heart.
  • Inform your relation to the couple. Do this not only for the visitors’ knowledge but also to introduce your personal message to the wedded pair. Be spot-on when you relate stories. If you’re the best buddy of the groom, you can walk down the memory lane on how they met and recall the moment when he first confided in you. If you’re the sister of the bride, narrate why it was a match made in heaven – from the signs such as their compatibility and personality to the events that led to the proposal, wedding preparation and catering details.
  • Express your gratitude. Say thank you to the people involved in making this celebration possible – that it is an honor and pleasure to be invited to witness this joyful union.
  • Inject humor. Consider this only if it’s in your personality and you are known to give unforgettable punch lines and anecdotes. Be careful not to offend nor embarrass anyone. Share something funny about the new husband and wife. If it’s somewhat private, be sure to consult them first if it’s okay to divulge that information.
  • Add a inspiring quote. For your best wishes and congratulatory remarks, reflect on quotations intended to motivate them to make their marriage stronger and stand through time. Find a book excerpt or a quotable movie line from their favorite film about the binding love that will keep them together.

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