Wedding Catering 101: Ten Tips in Curbing Your Expenses on Food for the Big Day!

A majority of your expenses will be solely focused on the wedding catering during your big day. And your disbursements will largely depend on how many guests you have invited to your memorable affair. If you are planning to host a rather lavish dinner complete with a food and wine buffet–some cocktails on the side with hors d oeuvres, chances are you are going to be charged rather exorbitantly but regardless of whether you are turning your wedding dinner into a grand event or not, wedding catering fees are going to be relatively pricey.
However, there are ways to curb these needless expenses, so before you contact your caterer take a look at this article and look for ways on how to have a great catered event while staying within budget.

1.) The presentation is key. People are very visual creatures and more often than not, they feast and eat with their eyes first, so zero your focus on the presentation of your food. Invest on unique plates instead of intricate serving trays as this will add a twist to your food presentation without having to foot a hefty catering bill.

2.) Being on a budget does not necessarily connote being miserly and cheap. This is your big day after all. For appetizers, instead of scrimping on the total costs by using commonplace cocktail food such as carrot sticks and cucumbers, opt for broccoli flowers and artichoke hearts cut in various unique shapes, sizes, and other creative choices. Give it a tasteful twist by adding an array of flavored dipping sauces.

3.) When it comes to rather expensive cocktail food and appetizers, opt to hand pass them rather than setting them out in a buffet for guests to freely serve themselves. In this way, guests are least likely to overindulge and have less wastage as well with the leftover food. Additionally, it helps you account for the cocktail food by serving only a portion per guest.

4.) Have themed stations at a buffet such as an Asian station or a Mexican station. The ingredients for a simple noodle dish are affordable, and Mexican fajitas and nachos are relatively cheap. It would look like you have invested a lot while you are still sticking to a budget.

5.) Save carving stations for the main course. Carving stations during cocktail hour (such as ham, pork loins, etc.) are impractical as it leaves guests feeling heavy and full making them skip out on the main meal and doubling your cost and causing food wastage as well.

6.) Serve seafood based soups in small mini cups. Clam chowders, lobster bisques or any flavors of any variety could be served at weddings for a minimal price if you served them in cups rather than have them sitting at a buffet station for guests to serve themselves.

7.) Skip the cheese platter from your cocktail menu. Hors d’ oeuvres are typically served before the main course and while guests wait for the entourage to arrive but cheese platters are often typical and predictable. Not to mention they are quite pricey, and no one is likely to pay them any attention. Skip this and serve little tea sandwiches instead.

8.) Ask your caterer beforehand which seafood are likely to be in season during your wedding day. In this way, you are likely to save on the cost as there is an abundance of supply in your choice of seafood.

9.) Consider serving family-styled dishes and forgo a buffet if budget is tight. In this way, each table gets served equal portions without having to worry about food going to waste which will help you and your wallet.

10.) For your wedding toast, consider skipping the champagne. Guests can similarly toast to you with whatever drinks they have in hand (and similarly allows those too young to drink to toast to you as well). Alternatively, you can look for cheaper alternatives in ciders and sparkling wines instead.


Serving a wedding feast does not have to be expensive if you know how to cut costs. Follow some of these tips to enjoy a sumptuous wedding meal without having to break the bank and leaving your guests satiated as well.


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