Destination Weddings: Five Things to Do Before the Wedding Day!



Weddings with a scenic and picturesque backdrop make for one of the most visually aesthetic photos and some of the fondest memories. Engaged couples who want to venture this route are aware of the many perks but would often overlook the logistics that comes along with it. Though planning a gorgeous destination wedding is a great way to break away from the traditional method, it would be best if you and your fiancé are adequately equipped with the knowledge of what the affair truly involves. Neglecting to do so may cost you and which would make for some of the greatest wedding mishaps and consequences.

So, if you are planning on tying the knot in a far-flung place, consider the series of guidelines and pointers below. So that come wedding day, you would not be ill-prepared in walking that foreign wedding aisle with that exquisite background.

Be realistic and choose a location that is easy to go to

Engaged couples often make the rookie mistake of impulsively planning their place that they might be able to go, but their guests would not be able to. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have plans in inviting guests, you also have to take them into consideration. You need to realize that planning a destination wedding is not as simple as seeing a scenic photo from whatever part of the world and begin planning their weddings.

Additionally, planning a successful, beautiful and memorable wedding takes more than just gorgeous scenery. If those far-flung areas would involve a 20 plus hour travel time with a lot of layovers in between, are you quite sure your guests would still want to attend your affair?

Choose a package or a planner

Consider how difficult and stressful it is to plan a wedding just in your local home—now, factor in the fact that your wedding is to occur far from home, and it will definitely double up the difficulty and the stress. With the location of your wedding so far away, it is not only wise to choose a package or a planner but it is essential and practical. Some packages would already include the wedding catering and the floral arrangements, however; there may be some packages that are not so inclusive. With that in mind, it is best to consider the best option for you. Having a planner to complement the wedding package is an ideal route as it leaves you with less to plan. It may not exactly be the most affordable route, but it would streamline the logistics of the event.

Visit the site before the actual wedding day

You are about to spend a lot of cash just for this wedding and just like buying a brand new car, it would be best if you took it out for a test drive to get the general feel. Similarly, you should set foot on your chosen destination wedding place before the actual wedding day to bask yourself in the ambiance and just the general feel. Although, it might cost you a bit more and might take a chunk out of your budget, consider that not everything you see in photos is exactly the same as they are in reality.

Consider that sometimes less is more

With the scenic background and breathtaking ambiance, you would hardly have a need for wedding decorations as this will only overwhelm setting. Having an abundance of wedding decorations would only be a superfluity and would be unnecessary considering that the place itself paints the backdrop for you. This is one of the many advantages of having a destination wedding; additionally, it allows you to save that excess funds for other wedding expenses.

Have a backup

Although, you may be adequately aware of the weather conditions of your chosen locale during the wedding day, there is no telling whether it would rain or not—weather remains as unpredictable as ever after all. So, in case, the fairly untoward weather conditions occur, be sure that your chosen venue has an indoor option. You would not want to cancel wedding plans just on account of rain, do you? Be ready for any event and have a possible backup.


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