December Wedding Food Ideas



December weddings make for a lot of theme ideas.

You can go with the traditional winter wonderland theme or go with the obvious which is in sync with the holiday spirit and go for a Christmas theme. Well, whatever your theme may be, you may want to exploit the season by giving your wedding menu that would most certainly fit your wedding theme. Take advantage of the season by utilizing a delightful menu filled with mouthwatering food and dishes that are sure to keep your guests satiated, toasty and would inspire them to dance on the wedding dance floor.

Consider a visionary themed menu and break away from the traditional and ask your wedding caterer to craft you a menu like no other. From your hor ‘d oeuvres, your cocktails, and desserts, consider these top winter menu on your December wedding.


Complement your wedding champagne with hearty food classics that your caterers can easily fulfill. Reminisce old times and take a fond trip down memory lane by asking your caterer to include whimsical takes on your childhood favorites. Ask your caterer to have waiters pass trays of scrumptious bites served in small portions such as spoonfuls of breadcrumb-coated mac and cheese, small forks of spaghetti and meatballs or Panini lollipops (Panini on a stick). Additionally, you can ask your waiters to serve appetizers such as soup on shot glasses with triangular cheese bites.


To stick with your winter or Christmas wedding theme, serving toasty and hearty soups is imperative and should be your first course. To start off with some of the wintry soup favorites, choose butternut squash with pumpernickel croutons, potato-leek coupled with amaretto crème Fraiche or a rich cheddar potato. Of course, you need to complement your soups with salads with extra seasonal additions such as cranberries, pears, and walnuts. Serve a combination of soup and salad at your wedding by having your caterer place a small bowl of soup on one end of your plate and salad on the other end. If you are serving your food buffet style, consider surrounding the bowl of soup with salad.


You wedding food should feature main entrees that are more inventive and gourmet if you want an appropriate winter theme option for your food. Main entrees should consist of classic filet mignon that undoubtedly remains to be a favorite, but complement it with roasted spuds on the side in lieu of mashed potatoes. Additionally, you might want to consider getting a risotto cake, wasabi whipped potatoes or a purple potato pancake. Or you might want to give your main entrees a fresh new spin by opting out of the traditional steak and potatoes idea and give your guests a tasting menu that would consist of six or seven small courses. This typically starts with a simple soup such as a pumpkin soup followed by a fish course such as baked salmon and finished off with a meat course like lamb chops.


Of course, no wedding menu is complete without vegetarian options; you may have vegan guests after all. Instead of crafting a rather boring array of vegetable selections such as a plate of roasted eggplant and mushrooms, ask your wedding caterer to put equal effort into crafting a great vegetable menu as they did on the main entrees. Serve a jumbo Portobello stuffed with cornbread, wild mushrooms, and truffle. Your caterer can be inventive with pasta dishes as well by opting to use whole wheat, spelt or spinach in lieu of plain pasta.


Be crafty in serving desserts by utilizing self-service candy bars that would serve a dual purpose: dessert and a party favor. However, take it up a notch and adhere to your wedding theme by opting to choose an array of all white desserts. This can range from something as nondescript as white M&Ms; white chocolate covered strawberries, white cakes, white coated chocolate mints, etc. If you want to serve this as a party favor, have your guests scoop their favorites to take home with them in a clear take-out box embellished with you and your spouse’s initials and a logo that is fitting to your theme.


Considering a themed wedding? Then incorporate the changes above and give not only your wedding that stylish touch but your wedding food as well.


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