Guide to Most Basic Dress Code Rules

Fashion can be complicated and stiff.

There are times; it can be downright demanding especially when there are certain dress code rules to follow. But if you are a well-mannered person with exceptional practices in etiquette, you would do well to abide by certain dress codes given. However, when you have a multitude of clothes to choose from and an array of shoes to select to go with a particular outfit, it can get quite taxing and a bit daunting. The reality is, we all have certain events to go to whether it may be casual affairs or formal black tie ones and when we attend these events, it is imperative that we dress accordingly.

After all, dressing inappropriately for a particular event you have been invited to is the height of discourtesy and is an immense faux pas you can commit not only in fashion but in being refined. So, if manners of garb and dress codes perplex you, then you are in luck as this article has compiled common dress code rules and how you can appropriately dress for them. So that whether you are attending a grand wedding reception at 55 Events Place or a christening in San Agustin Church, you can be assured you are dressed suitably.



These are the stellar and formal events that would include wedding ceremonies, diplomatic reception, charity balls, awards ceremony and even dinner with a highly respected and ranking person.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Men should wear black tailcoats with a bow tie and finish off the entire look with white evening gloves, a pocket watch, and black varnish shoes while women ought to wear a full-length evening dress, evening gloves and stiletto heels. To accessorize, women should complete the look with fur mantle or a bolero vest and a clutch bag.



These events are quite similar to white tie events. Included are official evening receptions, opera or theater opening nights and weddings.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Black tie events are still inherently formal events so attendees to these affairs should look at their elegant best. Men’s garb should include a tuxedo, a black bow tie, and black shoes and to accessorize, they should wear cufflinks. Women, on the other hand, can be a bit more relaxed when it comes to the manner of dress as they are free to choose whether they will sport a cocktail dress or a full-length evening dress. The entire ensemble should be finished off with a pair of classic high heel shoes and with some jewelry.



Formal events can cover a multitude of affairs; most of them are official evening receptions.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Men in formal events should be dressed in tuxedos or black suits and black shoes. To finish the entire look, they should wear a tie while women are free to choose between a cocktail dress or a full-length evening dress so long as they finish off the entire look with high heeled shoes.



Cocktail events are more laid back and relaxed compared to formal ones. However, your manner of dress must still be appropriate.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Men should sport classic suits with classic shoes while women can wear cocktail dressed and stiletto heel shoes.



Semi-formal events can range from dinner parties, corporate events and big family celebrations. Organizers of such an event will usually indicate in their invitations on what kind of event it is and if they do not, they will designate a dress code which you should abide by.

Appropriate Dress Code

Men should sport dark suits, and if the event lasts until 6 PM or later, they should wear a regular suit with a tie and finish off the look with classic shoes. Women should be in mini or midi cocktail dresses, and if the event lasts until or beyond 6 PM, they should sport an elegant suit or a dress and finish it off with high heeled shoes.



Business best events are usually corporate events that include business meetings, business receptions, and conferences.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Men should wear business suits in dark blue color although, a pinstriped suit is still acceptable. They should pair it with a white dress shirt, a tie and pocket square and classic derby shoes or black oxford shoes. Women, on the other hand, should be wearing blue, gray or beige pantsuit or skirt suits, a light blouse. The entire ensemble should be finished off with low heel shoes.



These are corporate events that include small corporate parties that are held in laid back places such as the club.

Appropriate Dress Code:

Men should be wearing blazers or, at least, suit jackets, pastel colors are preferable, jeans (except for ripped ones). They can also go for cropped Chino pants, a nice pair of sneakers or gumshoes. Women can sport chino pants, slacks, jeans or a pencil dress. They can also wear a men style shirt, a waistcoat, a pullover and colored blouses. They can finish the look with shoes without heels, accessories, and some bright details.


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