How to have a Minimalist Wedding



Large weddings are all the rage.

All the frills and add-ons with a huge wedding budget seem to be trending among couples nowadays. This comes with the exhausting stress of staging a big production and would inevitably lead to incurring debts should your spending exceed the allocated budget. However, for practical couples who wish to forgo all extravagance and lavishness and opt for something a little more intimate and more economical, why not try a minimalist wedding instead?

Besides, would it not be a more practical approach to splurge on your honeymoon and save on an affair that would roughly last four hours? Additionally, would it not be better to enter a union that is debt free and in essence, would be worry free from financial stress?  True enough, the perks and benefits of having a minimalist wedding are insurmountable but that does not mean your wedding is going to be less grand or memorable. No, you are still very much capable of having a memorable and wonderful wedding minus the hefty price tag, what is imperative is that you consider what is essential and important to you and your spouse to be. Of course, the wedding does not have to be stripped down to its barest essentials; the key is to strike a balance between what you want and need and striking an appropriate balance. And once everything is in place, you will soon food that you still achieved your dream wedding at such a lesser cost. So, for those of you thinking of having a minimalist wedding, eyes here and incorporate the ideas below into your big day.

Make decisions based on what you like as a couple.

And not to try and impress other people. Remember, the wedding is all about you and not about the guests attending your event. If you want to host a potluck event instead of having a wedding catering, then do not let anyone stop you from having it. This is your wedding and the choices you make should be because you and your spouse to be choose it to be so. Decisions based on what you have observed in other’s people wedding will result not only into a steeper wedding bill, but a less authentic wedding.

Eliminate the unnecessary and focus on what is important

This is essentially why you are holding a minimalist wedding. It is because you want to do away with the frills and other excess that big and grand weddings have. Remember not to get sidetracked by the suggestions of your family, relatives or friends and have a better resolve in deciding what is best for you on your wedding day. When you feel like you are about to be sidetracked, always remind yourself of which is more important to you—a grand ceremony or a better honeymoon with your soon to be spouse?

Have a budget and stick to it

Ideally, you should be well aware of what is important to you before you can have a budget. To arrive at one, determine the costs of each and every single of your imperatives and then add everything up. If you have a budget ceiling in mind, try to see if the total sum of your items listed would not exceed it. If it does, go back to step one and eliminate those that you have included that are unnecessary and if you are still way over your budget, determine the ways you may want to take to avoid going into debt ( taking a second temporary job, asking a family member to help out, looking for cheaper options, compromising, etc.)

Forgo Traditions

Instead of giving your guests a tangible invitation, why not opt to go digital instead? Take advantage of technology by emailing them or by orchestrating a Facebook event where all of your guests can congregate and intermingle online. Keep your guest list intimate and as much as possible limit to close friends and family members. Opt for a hassle-free reception without staff and have your guests serve themselves—the possibilities are endless, you just need to think out of the box.

Keep it simple

Having a minimalistic wedding is about not stressing the details and keeping everything modest yet inordinately beautiful in its own way. Whether it may be your décor, dress, reception, suit or whatever aspect in your wedding, remember to keep it low key.


Celebrating your big day does not mean you have to go broke for the rest of the days you will both love as a couple. Remember, there is beauty in simplicity and a certain uniqueness in weddings that do not try so hard and are unassuming when it comes to details. And who are we to tell if you might influence your engaged to try a minimalist approach to their wedding and start a new trend.


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