Best and Worst Food to Eat on Your Wedding Day



Walking down the church aisle on your wedding day is probably a dream most girls would have by the time they reach their teenage years. And on this particular day, they would want each and every aspect to be meticulously in place and flawless that by the time their husbands-to-be pop the question to them, they would be mentally assessing how much time they need to lose all the extra weight. This much is true that by the time you reach your wedding morning, you would probably have dieted yourself to tiptop form and exercised yourself to perfection. So much so, that you may fall off the wagon on the day of your wedding and give in to some of your cravings. Well, just because you have learned to deprive yourself of food you normally would want to eat on usual days, there is no reason for you to gorge on bad food the morning of your wedding (save that for when your wedding caterer serves you a sumptuous feast).

You would still want to look picture-perfect on as you walk down the aisle after all. To ensure you will feel like a million bucks and look like one as you say I do, here are three of the best and worst foods to eat during your wedding day.


A bowl of oatmeal would be enough to supply energy to your body for the entire day and kicks your body into pre-wedding preparations mode. Preparing for your wedding day may require you to have the necessary energy to last you through it, the goal is to give your body enough nutrients that would allow the blood-sugar levels to rise slowly and stay for a long period of time and go down slowly. A bowl of oatmeal is perfect for this as it contains soluble fiber to slow the absorption of glucose from food stored in your stomach. This would effectively keep your blood sugar levels steady.


Apart from leaving a tingle on your tongue and in your mouth, spicy flavored food can trigger your sweat glands. This compounded with wedding jitters is an absolute no-no should you want to stay dry on your wedding day. Spicy food, as well as caffeine, can activate neurotransmitters as well which would affect the glands that would cause you to sweat profusely.


It has been rather well-known that oysters are a popular aphrodisiac which would effectively increase your sex drive which may come in handy on your wedding night. During the wedding toasts or perhaps during the main course of your wedding meal, consider having some oysters by the side and complement them with your wedding champagne to double the effect.


When having our morning coffee, we sometimes pepper it with artificial sweeteners which are often found in diet drinks, gums, and hard candies. That in itself should already be enough to convince you that these things are in no way healthy. Additionally, it would make it difficult for your body to break down which would cause bloating and indigestion. To avoid reaching for the artificially-sweetened stuff, consider having natural options instead such as frozen fruits such as grapes, berries or bananas.


Tropical fruits are not only sweet and tasty but they keep you hydrated all throughout the day as well. Your body should get enough fluids or you would be left feeling lethargic. This does not mean you can only get hydrated from water alone however as fruits and vegetables are natural hydrators seeing as they are sixty to ninety-five percent water. Consider snacking on tropical fruits such as melons, papaya, and mangoes which are all good for you as they help regulate your body’s balance of fluids and provide you with enough potassium as well.


It can be hard to wean ourselves off soda and to compromise, we tend to go for a “healthier” option known as diet sodas. Newsflash: It is still not healthy. Although diet sodas considerably have lesser sugar than regular sodas, this does not connote that they are the healthier alternative. In essence, only water would keep you properly hydrated and healthy at the same time. These fizzy drinks would also cause your stomach to expand and make you feel bloated which would probably make it harder for you to fit into your wedding dress. Instead of sipping on these fizzy drinks, try a refreshing glass of water with cucumber slices or a lemon wedge to keep you cool and hydrated throughout the day.


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