What to Expect on the First Few Weeks of Your Engagement




You cannot believe it.

He has finally and officially popped the question and placed a sizable rock on your finger. You are over the moon with what might be perpetual bliss and elation. You cannot help but inwardly squeal with glee and the moment you said yes, you have found yourself making a mental inventory of what you would look like walking down the aisle of Fernbook Gardens, but apart from that you are overjoyed that in a mere matter of months or perhaps a year, you are finally going to be a Mrs. and to none other than to the greatest guy you have ever known.

Of course, word travels fast. You may have recalled only telling a few friends of your engagement but it seems like everyone on your phonebook knows of your impending nuptials. The nonstop congratulatory calls then commence and you cannot help but feel obligated to invite every single one of these persons to your wedding day as every single one of them wants to know the exact wedding date, where you are registered of if they may potentially be a part of your wedding entourage. And then from there, it all seems to be a flurry of activity. It seems like you went from monumental euphoria to playing twenty one questions with family, relatives and friends before you can even truly revel and relish in the fact that you are finally engaged. Well, slow down, relax and take a deep breath. It may all seem a lot to take in but do remember these people still do have your bests interests at heart and are just as excited as you are at the prospect of your impending wedding date. But if you become a bit too overwhelmed, close your eyes and think of your happy place, recall why and how you said yes and then keep these little tidbits of wisdom to calm your nerves.


When news of your impending wedding leaks out, mothers of the bride are usually the first one to commence the barrage of questions. The wedding may seem so far off from the current date but they would immediately ask what kind of dress they should shop for, about the date you are to wed  so that they can prepare their calendars early. This may sound familiar to you and truth be told, it is rather easy to let people stress you out during the newly engaged phase. But, you should never allow them to. If you are constantly harangued by your relatives about setting a date already, smile and calmly say that they will be the first to know once you have made a decision. Do not miss on the chance to bask in your new status and enjoy the first of those few weeks free from planning pressure.


Bask in your engagement and revel in newfound status as no longer a single woman but an engaged-to-be-wed woman, but refrain from staying there for far too long as this will entice you and your spouse to procrastinate and delay your wedding. While it is a bit overwhelming to start considering minute details of your wedding so far away from the actual wedding date, many things do require planning ahead (remember that some wedding venues need to be booked a year prior or two ahead of time). So, time it appropriately and do not freak out if your spouse to be seems rather relaxed or disinterested. One of you still needs to recover from planning the proposal while the other catches the wedding planning fever.  And before considering any of your family or friends’ inputs, sit down with your spouse and consider theirs first.


In the course of your coupledom before you both finally became an engaged couple, if both of your respective set of parents have not had the chance to meet each other, this is the perfect time to introduce them to one another. As tradition may have it, the grooms parents would call on the bride’s and if they live far away, they may consider calling the bride’s mother or sending a note but that does not mean you have to rigidly stick to this tradition as every family is different. If one set of parents have already divorced, talk to your partner about the best way to bring in-laws together. This is also the best time to discuss with your partner how liberally or sparingly you want your family to be involved in the wedding planning and what tasks you would want them to oversee. Be on the same page as your spouse and have an organized game plan which would be amenable to the both of you.


Remember, you just got newly engaged and this is big news to you. Do not let the logistics of planning a wedding get to your nerves when you are in your newly engaged bliss. Treasure this time as it would happen only once, bask in it as rest assured, you will have plenty of time to deal with planning a wedding soon enough.


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