Weddings 101: A 12 Month Wedding Timeline

Weddings do not exactly plan themselves and even more so, the logistics that go into planning one would cause most brides a lot of stress and anxiety. And for this reason, what would be radiant and gorgeous brides would mostly turn into bridezillas by their wedding or even before that. Though this is not necessarily true for every bride-to-be experiencing an insuperable amount of stress, it does have a huge contributing factor.

However, if you planned accordingly and did all the necessary preparations months beforehand, then come wedding day you would not be stressing over the most minute detail or would be at wits end because you are not sure if everything is in order and in place just yet. This is why, as a smart bride-to-be, you should have a personal timeline that would detail everything you should be doing and preparing for that particular time and month before your wedding. By necessitating a wedding timeline, you would be effectively streamlining what would be a complicated process if you went without it. It would also serve as a cheat sheet for you to refer to when it comes to deciding which preparations should be slated for that particular month. To illustrate this, have a gander below and see a sample 12 Month Wedding Timeline.


• Try to envisage what kind of wedding you would want to have and try to come up with an ideal budget for it.
• Have a planning team at the ready and if preferred, hire a wedding coordinator or consultant.
• Choose a wedding date and time. Have more than a few options; check the venues, officiating officer, and important guests if they are available on a date you have chosen before finalizing.
• Come up with drafted guest list.
• Choose and book your site for the ceremony and the site for your reception.
• If you are looking to lose weight for your wedding day, now is the best time to start.


• Brides should start canvassing for their gowns and have it sewn
• Try to come up with a wedding menu and choose a wedding caterer
• Think of an appropriate form of entertainment for your reception
• Start looking for a photographer who would shoot your prenuptial photos
• Have yourself registered for gifts
• If you need to have anything rented for your wedding day such as tables, chairs or tents, contact these companies as early as ten months prior.
• Envision the type of floral decoration you would want.


• Book your reception entertainer
• Have your entourage ready for gown fitting and order them
• Plan your ideal honeymoon
• Draft and send save the date cards


*Should a prewedding counseling be required, attend it.
*Start browsing for wedding rings and shop for your wedding invitations
*If you are having your honeymoon out of town, renew or get your passports should it be necessary.
*Have a wedding cake in mind and research cake designers. Decide on one and book them.


*Order your wedding cake
*Attend your bridal shower (If your friends have already planned it that is)
*Grooms should have their formalwear ready by now
*Hire your wedding day transport such as limousines and other cars.


• Have your invitations mailed by now
• Ready your gifts for your parents, attendants and to your spouse-to-be
• Book your hairstylist and makeup artist. Before finalizing on them, go for a test and trial run.
• Start drafting your vows.


• You and your spouse should apply for a marriage license now.
• Brides should have their final gown fittings as well as their entourage
• Produce a wedding program which you could hand out to your guests during the reception
• Plan a welcome basket or gift for your out of town guests.


• Review your guest list and call those who have not confirmed whether they will be coming or not yet.
• Select must have shot-lists and send them to your photographer and videographer. Additionally, your prenuptial video should be ready by now.
• Have your final song list ready and send them to your DJ or bandleader. Include songs you do not want to be played and special song requests.
• If you are looking to update your look for the wedding, this is the time to have a pre-wedding color and haircut


• Give your wedding caterer and the reception site your final guest headcount. Make sure to include all of the wedding professionals who would be expecting a meal.
• Finalize your guest seating arrangement
• Furnish your location manager with a list of requests by the wedding professionals such as a table for the DJ or space for the florist, etc.
• Print and place all of your table cards.
• Finalize all of your arrangements with your wedding professionals
• Grooms should get their hair trimmed
• Attend various pre-wedding parties.


*Brides should have their gown pressed and steamed while grooms should go for their final fitting.
*Have a wedding party position ready for the ceremony and the order of the party in the processional and recessional.
*Reconfirm all final details with your wedding professionals. If there are any last minute substitutions, discuss them now.
*Call your pick-up and transport service and arrange an appropriate pick-up time and location.


*Furnish the wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of your wedding.
*Prepare checks and talk to your wedding hosts about payments to be paid at the end of the wedding reception.


• Give your marriage license to the officiant
• Prepare all wedding essentials
• Get some adequate rest


• Present your parents and your spouse with gifts
• Give wedding bands to the best man and to the maid of honor during the ceremony or to the ring bearer should you opt to have one.
• Assign an attendant to assist the photographer so he would know who is who.
• Relax and enjoy your wedded bliss.


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