DIY Weddings: Five Tips to Make Your Wedding Event A Success!


One of the most stressful events to plan is a wedding as there are so many logistics involved in creating a successful one. This is why engaged couples rarely take the do-it-yourself route, however when they do, it would take a whole lot of patience on their part and a touch of particularity and meticulousness that would ensure that their wedding event would be a success. Having a DIY wedding comes with many perks as for one, it gives your event that unique and personalized feel and more often than not, it gives your guest that sense of wonder of being at a distinctive wedding they have never been to before. This in itself would already make your big day memorable.

Of course, when couples do take this route, they need to understand that they cannot do everything alone. For one, it would probably be the best tack to leave the catering to the professionals for the wedding event unless they have a relatively small affair wherein a small potluck would be sufficient. One thing couples going for this route should consider is the fact that though they have elected to do DIY, they would also need to seek the help of professionals however minimally just so there is a streamlined flow during their wedding day. So, for those affianced couples considering a DIY wedding, here are a few tips to make your wedding day memorable.


You may have wanted to do everything by yourself but consider that hiring a planner (even for just a limited time) would eventually pay off. These professionals do not necessarily have to be with you every step of the way if you are truly considering on doing everything by yourself or are on a tight budget. What they can do for you, however, in a limited amount of time, is offer you creative ideas and options that would likely fit your budget which would all be largely DIY. These are the options that you and your spouse-to-be can pull off without so much of a direction and would not need a professional in order to accomplish. Going for this route would certainly save you a lot of time in planning and brainstorming wedding plans.


If you are really bent on doing it all on your own, you need a good place to start—an aspect in your wedding which would make the other facets of your wedding fall into place. To figure out what this is, it is best if you and your spouse-to-be first come up with an ideal budget for your wedding, look into how much you are willing to spend and how many people you would want to invite. These two are directly proportional to each other, so make sure they coincide and are in congruence to each other. From there, you would have a sense of what type of wedding would suit you best.


The same advice goes for enlisting the help of your friends. Consider that someone who is emotionally invested in your wedding may lack the necessary objective judgment needed to handle the process smoothly. The reality is, you will have a lot of trouble voicing out your concerns and dislikes when it comes to scrutinizing the choices your relatives have made for you because you are constrained to play polite so as to avoid hurting their feelings. If you truly want to enlist the help of a relative or a friend, be discerning enough in doing so and make sure you are both clear on your terms as to what you want for your wedding.


No matter how prepared you are, there will be things that may go wrong and these are inevitable. However, this should not deter you from having a grand day, what you can do instead is to prepare adequately for this. Have contingency plans and be prepared for every scenario that may occur.


Always remember that no wedding is perfect, and yours would not be either. However, that does not mean that there are no beautiful weddings and in fact, yours will be. Just keep everything in perspective, enjoy the planning process and remember that this is a one-day event and party and at the end of the day, regardless of whether something went wrong or not, you are still getting married to the love of your life.

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