Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue


Much of what contributes to the success and failure of your wedding venue has to do with where you have decided to hold it. You may have everything picked out from your bridal gown, the entourage’s bridal gown, the ring picked out, the date down to the rough idea of your guest estimate, but you have not chosen an appropriate venue as of the moment. It is pivotal to consider where you want your wedding venue to be held months before the wedding as this will play a very pivotal factor on how you and your wedding coordinator would play things out during your wedding reception.

Before anything else, your initial step should be to know whether you want a destination wedding or a hometown wedding. This would prevent you from wasting time shopping venues all over and help you consider which venues would be best. Once you have that covered, then take a gander at all the venues that are available within the area but before you make any kind of cash exchange or form any lasting attachment with the rustic feel of the garden venue you just visited, there are vital things you have to consider.


Though your wedding venue does not really dictate how the rest of your wedding logistics would go, as far as your style is concerned, it is imperative that your venue would be able to handle it. Whether you are aiming for a rustic feel, a traditional and formal tone. A blow-out bash or boho, whichever style you and your partner would choose would play a very important factor in determining where you would host your celebration. Some venues regularly host weddings and would be equipped to host a wedding party. However, if you choose a totally off-beat venue, you may find they will be severely lacking in equipment to accommodate your wedding needs which would leave you and your coordinator with much to do.


Early on, you may not have a good grasp of how many guests you will be seating for your event, but at least have a rough estimate and add a bit more (consider that some guests may bring uninvited visitors or their kids). From this, take a realistic look at your budget as well and try to look for wedding venues that would accommodate both your guest list and the wedding budget you have.


After you have a list of possible venues for your wedding and being visiting each of them, you may find yourself attracted to the idea of having your ceremony in the space consider the visual aesthetics it holds. Stop or slow down. Do not hastily make decisions right away and consider everything that is written on your list. The venue you may have chosen may have all the visual appeal you can dream of, but lacks the necessary equipment or factors to complete the logistics of having a wedding at that venue.


You and your spouse may want to serve your wedding guests a very specific menu from a caterer you have both chosen, but do take note that not every venue would allow you to bring in your own caterer. Some venues would constrain you to choose from their in-house menus which they would serve to your guests. Some venues would give you much leverage on this one and may not be as strict as the others. But before deciding on a venue, make sure this is something you would consider.


Visit all the potential events place in Quezon city or wherever you may want your wedding to be. Once you have sifted your list of wedding venues to two or three frontrunners, go back and give them another visit. Have they retained the same charm? Do they check every requirement you have on your list? Logistical and stylistic-wise? Can it hold all of your guests and do you think you are getting a bang for your buck by booking this place? After you have answered all these, visit the place around the same time you will be using it for your wedding ceremony/reception and see how it looks. Observe the lighting and if the aesthetic feel of the space is still the same.

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