Finding a Wedding Planner : Six Questions to Ask Your Potential Planner


“The first rule for choosing vendors is to avoid those who suggest that your budget is not sufficient. The planning process should be about taking your ideas and making them work.” –Mindy Weiss

When it comes to the biggest day of their lives and tying the knot, no person can be more meticulous (and quite fastidious at times) than the bride. As a bride, this is that one special day you have been looking forward to most of your life. Considering this is the case, you would want everything in place and everything to be perfect. As perfection is hardly attainable on your own in any setting (things are bound to get awry on a wedding day), you have decided to enlist the assistance of a professional wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator or planner does not only take care of your wedding’s logistics, he or she is basically the person who makes your dream wedding materialize. In a sense, you can think of them as that cohesive component that binds all of your dream wedding’s elements together.

It is precisely for this reason that you would require your wedding planners or coordinators to not only be professional but organized as well. Organization is paramount. With the very diverse factors coming into play during your wedding, a systematic and strategic approach is essential to leverage on your wedding event. Additionally, they would serve as your point person every step of the way, so it is imperative that you feel at ease with who you hire. These are just a few things you have to keep in mind when you are hiring a wedding planner, but to ascertain if a person is fit for the job, it is best to conduct an interview. Here are a series of questions you should ask your potential planner before deciding on hiring them.

1.) Are you available on my wedding date?

This should be your initial question during the interview as you would not want to waste any more time in planning with them if they are not even available on your desired date. However, if your dates are still flexible then compromise. Make sure you are willing to wait until your chosen wedding coordinator is free to work with you. You can also ask for more options which you can take into consideration when you are finalizing your wedding date.

2.) What’s the cost of the average wedding you plan?

Some wedding planners go beyond just planning the wedding of your dreams. Some of them would be the one to contact other necessary wedding vendors that would complement the other elements and tie up the entire event. These professional wedding planners would offer these services in their wedding packages in the Philippines. These packages come at a price which would help you gauge whether or not it is within your allocated budget.

3.) What other services do you offer?

A brief gander at a wedding professional planner’s website would not yield so much information about what other services they may offer or what their services exactly are. You need to have an idea what the full wedding package means and a good way to do this is to ask for an explanation on how they can help you with your wedding planning. The information given to you is a pivotal factor in deciding which type of planner would work best for your needs.

4.) How many weddings have you planned?

This will give you an average on how much experience your potential planner already has. Ideally, you would want someone who has planned at least a few weddings—especially if a wedding specific experience is what you are after. Weddings should be their specialty as planning other events such as corporation gatherings and other soirees do not have the same logistics as planning a wedding. Weddings have a more emotional and personal feel that other parties lack.

5.) How do you propose to help me stay within my budget?

A good coordinator or planner would never tell you that your wedding budget is inadequate to create a wedding event. Without even knowing your budget, a great planner would have suggestions on wedding venues that would be friendly to your pockets. Additionally, they would come up with ways to help you save and have alternatives to expensive options.

6.) How do payments work? Will there be additional expenses on top of your base fee?

This is imperative if you do not want to be surprised by how much you would be paying your wedding planner after the event is done. Know what is and what is not included in the fee they have quoted you and how they calculate it so you can budget for anything extra. Ascertain if their base fee already covers all of their other expenses (food, parking, etc.) or if there would be another expense on top of that. This is also a chance for you to negotiate with them as regards the payment schedule and the types of fees before signing the contract.


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