Personal Checklist in Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Grand Wedding!

Wedding is a once in a blue moon event. As such, it’s important to pay close attention to every detail necessary to make it successful.

One of the most important consideration when planning for one’s wedding is the catering menu. In any special event, the food can make or break the occasion’s impact so it’s crucial for couples and organizers to hire a caterer who is capable of providing certain menu at the right price.

If you’re currently stuck with the decision of who to call, then using the following checklist to narrow down your list could help.

Food and drink packages.

This is the most important part of the catering selection process. If you’re following a certain theme for your wedding, it’s only appropriate to choose foods that fit the motif. Different caterers have varied packages that contain predetermined menu selection so you’ll need to check what package fits your preference well.

Should you want to customize or create your own menu, it’s important to discuss it with the caterer in advance. Some may not be open to special requests, so giving them a heads-up saves more time.

Package cost.

As you go over the specific menu available, do take time to compare their pricing too. Needless to say, cross reference it with the packages offered by different caterers. This way, you’ll have an idea who gives the best-value prices for a specific package.

Granted that you’re working on a budget, knowing the price of the catering service is necessary to ensure that you don’t fall short of money on the other things that needs to be paid for your grand day.

Set-up and clean-up coverage

Will the company be in charge of setting up the foods for the venue? How about the clean-up? Choosing those who do will save you time and hassle before and after the event.

Some companies however require additional cost for this service so might as well include this in your considerations.

Utensil inclusions

There are caterers whose sole focus is the cooking of food and delivering them on your venue. Some doesn’t offer utensil such as plates, food warmers and linens to complete the entire setup.

Before agreeing on a deal, make sure you’re clear on this matter. For maximum convenience, it’s best to go for those who already include these tools in their service.

Beginning and end period of the service

Does the catering company offer an open-hour service? There are some who are strict with their services and only limit their service for specific hours.

Don’t forget to ask for this detail when canvassing for one. This way, you won’t have to worry about limiting your time in holding any program.

Clear details on deposits, insurance and cancellation terms

This is primarily concerned with the paperworks and payment for the service. In most cases, you will be asked to pay for a down payment before the event. Insurances are ideally part of the package too though some companies do not have this item on their inclusions.

Dealing with someone who have insurance details is an added protection that would hold the company liable in case there are issues with the food they serve.

Also, you may be presented with the terms of cancellation. This details the issues or grounds that are considered valid for you to cancel your request. It’s important that you understand its contents carefully to avoid wasted money just in case.

Choosing the right food for your grand wedding celebration is a crucial step. Factors such as the profile of your guests, their number, and theme of your event can potentially affect the type of package you must choose.

Work on completing your list with the thing we included in this post and start searching for the best catering service!


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