Baptism 101: Four Things to Consider in Choosing Godparents


“A Godparent is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.” -Unknown Author

One of the biggest milestones in life is having a child of your own. As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to rear and guide your children while they are growing up. However, this immense task is not an endeavor parents alone should shoulder, it is a responsibility in fact extended to godparents. Selecting godparents for your child is an integral task before a child’s baptism day, in fact, it is of paramount interest to a child’s upbringing. This is because a godparent’s duty is not only limited to gracing your child’s christening day, but they will also be those persons responsible for providing guidance as well as life lessons to your child. From this alone, it can be readily assumed that a godparent’s role in life is significant so choose godparents well. So, before you start choosing the best baptismal packages in Quezon City, be meticulous in choosing godparents as role models for your children with some of the things to consider below:

1.) Know if they want kids or how they feel about children

Having children is not a universal choice every person would make and not every person would want that kind of responsibility. This is not to say, however, that individuals who do not want kids would not make worthy godparents and role models, however, it gives you something to consider. Individuals have varied attitudes when it comes to children, and it may differ significantly from yours. Before selecting a godparent, make sure your views regarding children align as some of your relatives and friends would just agree to avoid hurting your feelings. A pivotal question to ask yourself would be, as someone who does not want children, will they make themselves available for yours?

2.) Know what your expectations from a godparent are

In these modern times, most godparents are seen as benefactors who would give children extraordinary presents during birthdays and other significant occasions. However, this should not always be the case. As a parent, you should know and be clear about what your expectations are. After all, for some parents, being a godparent is a huge responsibility—one that merits an honest one-on-one conversation. Let a potential godparent know what yours are to avoid disappointment later on.

3.) Consider those who live close to you

While relationships can be formed and maintained across the globe thanks to the massive innovations in digital technology, it is not similar to the relationships you do have with persons who live close by. Your child will have a stronger bond with a person who he or she can talk to on a regular basis, or who they can see from time to time. This ensures that the godparent would also be fulfilling his or her duty as a role model. After all, would it not be better if during momentous occasions during your child’s life, their godparents can be present for that as well?

4.) Know their level of commitment

As a parent, you are committed to your child by default. With this in mind, backtrack and contemplate about the expectations and the kind of commitment you want from your child’s godparent. Would you want them to make an effort to spend time with your child? Remember, as said above, being a godparent extends beyond the responsibility of being present during holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. It means the people you have selected would want to become an integral part of your parenting journey. The individuals you have selected should understand that they are not only bystanders in your child’s life but critical members in raising them as well.


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