Here’s a Mini Checklist Before You Walk the Aisle

The modern life is full of stress, but milestones and celebrations shouldn’t be. The goal is to be as calm and as organized months before the big day. No one wants to be a bridezilla, and you shouldn’t be one.

If you’re one of the OC types, just thinking about the initial planning makes you feel on edge. There’s the venue, décor, event planner and guest list to think about. Hence you need to look for a wedding package in Manila or in a city near you.

Besides the wedding package, there are other things you need to prepare before the wedding. In case you got sidetracked with other stressful details of the wedding, here’s a mini checklist to get you back in the line of things.


Check in with the people and their tasks

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Programs, big events or conventions have committees assigned to perform specific tasks for it to go without a hitch. Your wedding is also an elaborate program with parts and segments catering to you, your partner and guests. It helps to have people assigned to handle parts of the wedding that you cannot oversee during the day. If you’ve got that covered, confirm if they have accomplished their tasks a day or two before the wedding day.

Making sure they are committed to the task is crucial to carry on the arrangements for the day. Call the caterers to check if everything is prepared. Ensure they know where the reception is and that they have the contact details of the person overseeing the reception program.

Besides the caterers, get ahold of your florist, dressmaker, and presentations to ask them for updates.


Prepare tip envelopes

wedding catering, wedding, wedding planner, wedding venue, venue
The wedding day is a big blur. There are lots of well-wishers and guests who will want to meet you. Thus, the people behind the success of the celebration is neglected. To show your appreciation to the hardworking team to make your dream wedding come true, insert paper bills in envelopes and write their name on it. It’s more organized and neat to hand envelopes than bringing a stack of bills that can be misplaced.

Honeymoon check-in

wedding catering, wedding, wedding planner, wedding venue, venue

If you’re planning an international trip for your honeymoon, use the online check-in so you can head straight to the airport and be on your way without a hassle. Other couples spend their honeymoon in hotels within the country. If that’s the case, bring your luggage hours or days before the big day. Drop them in your room or ask for a family member or friend to leave them for you. Thus, you don’t have to fetch them home after the reception party.


A complete wedding emergency kit

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Of all the days in the calendar, your period decided to make an appearance the morning of the wedding day or worse, you had LBM from drinking a weird concoction from your bachelorette party. These things don’t just happen in movies. They happen in real life, so it’s best to prepare for this stuff before they happen.

Before things go downhill, imagine all the scenarios which could go wrong and collect the stuff you would need to save the day. Gather your supplies – napkin or tampons, extra bobby-pins, hairspray, face powder, lingerie, panty hoses, stain removers, aspirin and other essentials. Other brides even have an extra dress in case of a fashion emergency. Pack these the night before walking the aisle and help save the day.

This is a simple checklist to keep your head in the game. Preparing ahead of time is key to pulling off anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure no details are missed on during the big day.


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