Get Hitched without Breaking the Bank

When thinking of weddings, we immediately think of the damages. It will cost us the venue, guest list, gowns and suits, invites, food among other things. Then, there’s the theme to think about. A whimsical wedding at Blue Gardens, Quezon City perhaps? How about a beach wedding in Batangas or hipster nature-loving vibe in Baguio?

There are things to consider especially when it comes to financing. Of course, it’s possible to pull off your dream wedding without going broke. You can bring your A game to the occasion and make it seem expensive with these three tips.

Intimate gatherings > Party crowd

Do you really have to invite your rowdy office mates? How about your neighbors of ten years that haven’t even said a word to you since you moved to the village? If you’ve watched showbiz couple Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo and Ryan Agoncillo’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, you’d know the struggles of having the family shove their preferences on your throats and getting them agree that THIS IS YOUR WEDDING and inviting everyone in town is just not going to happen.

giphy (10)

Having a handful, carefully-selected and important people on your big day is much preferred. It does not only save you from filling out a wad of cash to accommodate all of them. It also saves you the hassle of sending hundreds of invites and following up for their RSVP. Be realistic and work around your budget rather working for the budget. 

A shorter guest list makes the wedding a private and intimate affair as it gives everyone a chance to personally wish the best for the bride and the groom. Best of all, the newlyweds can enjoy their day because they won’t be spending all their time on group photo ops (per table).


Personality > Online presence

It’s tempting to go all-out your wedding especially when you want your dreams to become a reality. But if you’re doing it to show off how you can pull a six or seven-digit wedding, it’s just not practical.


The most important thing is to enjoy and relish the moment of being someone’s partner for life rather than the million pristine portraits while you internally berate yourself for renting a mobile bar that serves bland drinks and a DJ that plays the songs that aren’t even your type.

Go for the things that reflect your personality as a couple. Most of the time, small details like giveaways and hanging designs can be DIYed. Hiring a professional also helps you narrow your options on venue preferences, décor, and other details. The wedding planner can capture the look and execute without a glitch. Choose a planner that will give you the best deal and help you save bucks.

Diskarte > Pabayad

This is an antithesis to the previous statement of hiring a professional to get the job done. However, if you put the time to use the Internet to research your options and find out you can do most of the preparations yourself, you can spare yourself from the heartache of that comes with debt.

How exactly can you apply diskarte?

giphy (12)

Be creative!

Flowers bring elegance and femininity, but they rank as pricey design elements. It’s better to be strategic in your flower placements and floral arrangements. First, choose less expensive flowers with the most impact. Three white roses with a spread of baby’s breath, for example, gives a minimalist yet feminine feel. A bunch of carnations in a vibrant hue gives uniformity and balance to a wood or country-feel aesthetic. Florists sometimes offer an additional discount on bulk orders. Decide on the kind of flowers you want and compare the prices of different suppliers. Going for cheaper alternatives gives you a sweet deal on getting more than what you paid.

Another option is to DIY as much as you can. If you can handle the preparations, there’s no need to get an event planner. You can make table cards, designs, and other details by looking at instructions online. Paper origami, installations, decals and chalkboard paint are some DIY elements that circulated in wedding design ideas these past years.

If coming up with creative ideas isn’t your forte, ask your mamita, sisters, and bridesmaids to help you think of ideas. The combined suggestions will help you think of your own quirky idea.

You only get hitched to a person once, so make it count. Still, making it count doesn’t translate to zeroing your bank balances. Sometimes, a simple and humble ambiance is what makes the moment unforgettable. This year make diskarte count more than the bongga factor.


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