Smart Weddings: Four Hidden Wedding Expenses You Should Not Overlook


“A low-budget, elegant wedding is within the reach of every couple” -Polly Clements

No matter how hard you try to execute your wedding according to budget, you can never adequately plan for every contingency. In this regard, there may be some expenses that would inevitably crop up–these costs and expenses are usually the ones a couple would overlook. Once the bill arrives, the couple would naturally be taken by surprise at how they accumulated so much simply for their wedding bill.

Do remember that throwing a wedding is expensive and that the costs extend beyond how much your wedding gown or wedding catering costs. Before striking a deal with any of your vendors or signing any contracts, remember to ask what the costs would entail and be meticulous as regards the detail such as overtime, cleanup and delivery. If you have been drawing out a budget plan for your wedding, here are some of the common charges you should never overlook:

1.) Wedding Band Equipment

If you have elected to hire a band to play at your wedding venue, you would not only be paying for the band themselves. The fees would invariably include their time and of course, the minimum equipment needed to ensure optimal sound quality. Of course, if you have chosen a reception area that is rather large, the band members would need to install additional speakers and microphones to project the best sound quality possible. To avoid this, talk to the band or your DJ and give them a layout of how your reception venue looks like. Alternatively, you can have them check it out themselves when they have the time. If they tell you additional equipment would be necessary, have them explain why you would need to be paying for it before signing and agreeing to pay anything else.

2.) Wedding Dress Alterations and Steaming

Unless you have adopted a very strict diet regime, there is a likely chance that you may need to have your wedding dress altered–especially when you had your first gown fitting a long time ago. Unfortunately, alterations and steaming are not included by most designers and wedding boutiques (and they are highly unlikely to do it for you free). Most brides think that wedding dress alterations would only take a jiffy, but depending on how complicated your dress is, it may take anywhere from a couple of hours to days just to have a dress altered. In this regard, be sure to ask how much the store charges for every alteration you may need before purchasing the gown.

3.) Overtime Fees

You must take into consideration that your DJ, wedding photographers, videographers and band are only book for a specific amount of time. If you require their services longer than necessary, they will charge you a little extra (per hour in most cases) after they have reached the time they have indicated in the contract. To avoid this, keep in mind to factor additional time you will spend in getting dressed and taking photos. With this in mind, you would be able to come up with a more realistic time frame to give your wedding vendors.

4.) Cakes and Corkage Fees

If you have used and consumed the cake and liquor provided to you by your wedding venue, you normally would not have to worry about this additional cost. However, if you chose another cake baker or caterer or have brought your own crates of wine to the reception venue, you might be charged corkage fees. Corkage is what goes into the service the staff will render you as they will be the ones to serve your guests all the food and beverages you have brought from outside. Furthermore, they would be the one doing the cleaning for it which means additional work for their staff.

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