Five Things to Keep in Mind When Writing A Wedding Vow


“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -Sam Keen


There are a lot of things to consider for a wedding: the venue for one, the catering, the menu, the wedding package in the Philippines you selected, the wedding dress—those among a myriad of other stuff you have to consider. You will be surprised however that what is mentioned in the preceding sentence is just a fraction of the entirety of your entire wedding day. With all this considered, it is almost a guarantee that there would be details you would overlook or worse, forget. Especially one that some might consider negligible like your wedding vows. Without a doubt, saying your wedding vows to your partner would take little to no time at all, but do take note that to them, this might be the best part of your wedding day.

In fact, what you might say in your wedding vows might contain the reasons why you both are getting married in the first place! So, with that in consideration, planning and writing out your wedding vows should be given as much importance as planning your wedding is. After all, you are only going through this wedding day once, and you might never get another appropriate moment to utter those promises to your partner, so be meticulous about your speech and make it with deliberate attention to how you feel for your partner.

Otherwise here are some things you should consider when writing your vows:

1.) Decide if you want to write it together

You wedding vow does not have to be a surprise spiel your spouse gets to hear only on the wedding day. However, if you wish it to be, there is also no harm in that—either way, you decide is the right way. These are your vows after all. However, even if you do decide to write it together, add a little element of surprise in your speech so that you are not really giving everything away before your big day. Consider the type of couple you and your partner are—if you like oversharing or are a bit conservative so that you will both be on the same page in writing your vows.

2.) Pick a structure you can both use as a jumping point

You and your partner can be vowing more or less similar things, and this is not necessarily a bad thing to consider. However, to have a semblance of clarity and organization in your overall speech. Come up with a structure or a phrase that you both use as a jumping point such as saying, “I promise” before your vows or “I vow”. Alternatively, you can share anecdotes about your relationship with your partner and after which, you can say your vows. Whichever way works fine.

3.) Decide on a realistic word-count maximum

While proclaiming your love to your partner without any constraints or limitations of any kind might seem like an excellent idea, you do not want your guests to doze off. They might be happy to witness your love and your union, but they are not exactly receptive to sitting through a thirty-minute vow. Set limitations such as putting a cap on your word count. Try to stay within that limit and avoid veering away from the topic.

4.) Include details

Make sure that your spiel would not sound like a generic piece of content someone might mistake for something you got off the Internet. Your speech has to be inspired, and it has to be personal. Pulling an inspired and personal speech compels you to include some details that might have symbolized your relationship. What made you fall for your partner? What are the things you do that they appreciate? From there, craft a speech that is suitably appropriate for you and your partner.

5.) Your vows are for you and your partner

Your vows do not necessarily have to sound like vows. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and it should be definitive of how you and your partner are as a couple. If you wish to read a sonnet, read out and essay, sing or rap your vows, you can do so provided that this is the kind of couple you and your partner are. Your vows should sound like you—especially since you are making promises to your spouse.

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Renewal Of Vows: Four (4) Reasons To Have A Renewal Of Vows

There are instances when one “I Do” is not enough. Here is where the vow renewals enter the picture.


Why Renew Vows

More and more married couples are choosing to renew their marriage vows. The logic behind it may be due to a number of reasons. If you are one of those who cannot decide if you should move forward with it or not, let this article guide you through.

1.       To celebrate anniversaries. Any anniversary is a milestone to any couple – first year, tenth, silver or gold. The number of years is a great representation of the amount of time you were together and spent sharing equal joys and sorrows. You can easily go down the memory lane and appreciate what you have been through – the birth of your first-born, how your second child took his initial steps walking towards your direction, the pressure of being a full-time mother or the demands of work just so to provide for family. All the pleasures you felt and all the pain you endured, they bind you stronger together. What better way to commemorate this than to hold vow renewals.

2.       To recommit to each other. Trials and obstacles are part of a marriage life. There will always come a point when you’ll feel like giving up, hoping that you can turn back the time and wishing things are the same. Which is why there are annulment, legal separation and in majority of the countries, divorce. You can prevent this from happening by confirming your commitment. Look back at your promises and be reminded thoroughly – to have and to hold, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health. Declaring your intentions again in public can be a tool to solve the issues you are both dealing with.

3.       To state your love in a much personal way. Just imagine the strength it took to have a successful and long-lasting relationship. It can be an excellent opportunity to announce to the world the power of your love.

4.       To have a semblance of a formal wedding again. Get married on Fernbrook Gardens and feel the romantic atmosphere of the place. Hold a festivity and hire a catering service in Quezon City again. Bring your families and friends together and let those who were not able to attend the wedding be present on this affair. Had bad pictures then? Retake photos – 5, 10, 15 years later. You didn’t experience the solemnity of a ceremony because you eloped? Take this chance to do so then.