Post-Wedding Organization: Four Crucial Things to Do After the Wedding Day

“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments to create your love story.”-Jennifer Smith

You might think that after you have said your I do’s, cried to your wedding songs, danced with your new spouse, mingled with guests and ate some spectacular wedding food that it is all over. However, your wedded bliss does not actually start until you have taken care of post-wedding tasks. These are integral errands you need to do before you start settling into your married life with your spouse. So, before you start dipping your toes into that married life and embarking on a new journey with the love of your life, here are some of the post wedding tasks you need to take care of:

1.) Clean and preserve your wedding dress

Regardless of whether your dress is a thrift buy or a designer label, you would want to keep it in mint condition. After all, you might not just know it, but you could loan this to your future daughter for her to use in her own wedding. Have your dress professionally cleaned, and if there are any substances that should not be used, inform your cleaner so that they can clean it properly. To ensure that your gown is in good hands, choose an established dress preservationist whose expertise includes bridal gowns. Lastly, to ascertain it retains its pristine condition, store it in a dark, cool and dry place.

2.) Send thank you cards

Every single one of your guests would deserve a thank you hard simply for being there for you on your big day. While there is no absolute need to send them immediately after the wedding, they should ideally be sent within the three months after the big day. This would give you and your spouse enough time to give each note a personal and heartfelt touch. Do not delay as anything that is sent beyond three months would feel like an afterthought instead of a sincere desire to thank them. Take note, your guests took the time out of their schedules to be there for you and show their love and support, so be genuine in writing your thank you cards.

3.) Change your last name

After your wedding, you might think that changing your last name is immediate—almost a perfunctory response to getting married. Unfortunately, it is not that straightforward and is not as easy as it is on social media. You need to take care of all the legal technicalities when it comes to changing your last name. This means you need your official marriage license to state your new last name on it. In addition to this, you are required to update your social security card, driver’s license, bank accounts and anything that bears your legal name on it. This will ensure that should you need to process any transactions using any of these; you would not be encumbered with legal snags.

4.) Handle gift registry returns and exchanges

Setting up a wedding gift registry is an excellent avenue for wedding guests to buy the couples what they actually want and need as they embark on their new wedded life without so much of a hassle. Unfortunately, as much as the married couple wants this to work out, it never goes as perfectly as they hoped it would be. More often than not, you would get an extra set of silverware and maybe even gifts that were not on your registry list at all. As this is a likely possibility, it is best if you took care of all the returns and exchanges as soon as you can as stores have different return policies. Furthermore, some stores offer special discount prices for leftover items on registries which would then leave you free to purchase them at a cheaper rate.

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Four Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner


“Weddings are not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money; they are about spending good money on the elements that are most important to you and your partner.” -Kristi Richardson


Planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are a lot of aspects and elements to consider that a bride would feel by the overall logistics that are involved in simply pulling off a grand event. After all, this would be one of the momentous and biggest events in a woman’s life; it is only right that she be extra meticulous when it comes to hashing out and planning the details. For this reason, many brides would elect to avail of the services of a wedding planner, and you might not just know it, but it could potentially be your best investment when it comes to your wedding day. Without a doubt, careful planning and execution are two essential aspects that can make or break a wedding—an expertise of many wedding planners. So, if you wish to have a wedding to remember for years to come, you might want to hire a wedding planner.

Other than ensuring that everything goes seamlessly on your wedding day and assisting you with the planning, there is a myriad of reasons why hiring a wedding planner would be advantageous. Here are four reasons why:

1.) You deserve everything to be perfect on your wedding day

Most brides have envisioned what their ideal wedding would be like at a very young age. In their mind, they have already mapped out how their big day would look and feel like. Unfortunately, translating your perfect wedding is not as simple as you wish it to be—especially if you are undertaking the planning alone. This is where your wedding planner would be helpful. Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and time to put together perfectly. Your wedding planner has the necessary expertise and experience to pull it off as they have organized the same event over and over that it has become somewhat of their specialty. As a consequence, with their constant practice comes perfection.

2.) It helps you stick to a budget

One of the most integral aspects of planning a wedding is your budget. A wedding no matter how big or small will inevitably cost you and if you bungle your budget and receive the bills, you might find out you just spent more than you initially bargained for. A wedding planner doubles as a financial adviser by realistically telling you what you can do with the budget you have. More often than not, they offer you affordable alternatives or would ask you to compromise to ensure that each aspect of your wedding is top notch.

3.) Wedding planning should be enjoyable, not stressful

Regardless of how much planning goes into pulling off a wedding, it should be an enjoyable process. Furthermore, while you are planning a wedding, you should never neglect to spend special time with your special man and groom-to-be. After all, days leading up to your wedding should be filled with bliss and anticipation, not anxiety and stress. Hiring an excellent wedding planner will help you with that, and they have all the necessary skills to deal with everything on your behalf.

4.) You have a day job

Having a 9-5 job and hashing out the nitty gritty details of what you want to happen in your wedding just would not mix. Planning a wedding takes a lot of commitment and effort, and if you have a day job, it might not be as easy as it would be had you just hired a wedding planner. Your wedding planner would function as your personal assistant whose job is to look for potential vendors for you and basically do all the running around for your wedding.

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Weddings 101: Four Common Gripes of Wedding Guests


“A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast.” -Friedrich Schiller

You have invited them to your wedding, guaranteed them seats, offered them drinks and food and had decided that they are important enough to be on your most special day–and yet amidst all of this, they find something to complain about. From your standpoint, it may seem unreasonable, but if you want a great wedding experience, you should pay heed. The truth is, while your wedding day should be first and foremost all about you and your spouse, your guest’s experience and overall enjoyment are paramount to a memorable and fond affair. For this reason, it is imperative that you take note of what your guests particularly enjoy to see if you can accommodate what these are. Remember, part of what makes a successful wedding event is the support and presence of your guests so do ensure that they would have a splendid time during your wedding day. So, in looking for the best wedding package in the Philippines, do consider your guests as well.

To give you a brief idea of what your guests may not like or may not be overly fond of, here is a list of some of the most common wedding guest gripes:

1.) An inconvenient date

In a magical land wherein weddings go smoothly without a hitch, everyone can be universally available on the same date. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your wedding date. Try as you might, there is absolutely no date wherein all of your guests can be readily free. However, there are ways you can compromise. Do not book dates wherein you know there is a big event coming up such as worldwide holidays and the like. Though you might not be able to factor in every birthday, anniversary and the like when looking at venue availability, at least steer clear from major events that affect large numbers of people.

2.) Plus ones

Weddings are expensive, and for this reason, a strict headcount is needed so is budgeting whenever possible and sensible. However, there is a difference between forcing your unmarried friends to bask in your happiness alone and giving them the option to take a date who would enjoy the revelry with them. You might think that surely they can stomach it in and smile through it for just one day, but at the very least you would come off as insensitive. Needless to say, this is not the best tack for cost-cutting either. While you need not openly declare that your single guests cannot bring dates, do welcome your guests who have significant others to bring their plus ones to share the day.

3.) Long winded speeches

The common human has a short attention span, and while your guests may trying to be polite during an unusually long drone of wedding speeches, they are internally bored and could not wait to get it over with. Your guests are human as well, and they can become restless and distracted—particularly if you have wedding guests who brought their small tots with them. To keep it fun and entertaining, let your guests join in the fun by putting betting cards on each table trying to guess how long the speeches will take. In this way, they would be looking forward to the speeches instead of dreading them.

4.) Ungracious hosts

Remember that your guests took time off their schedules and some may have even flown all the way from out of town just to celebrate your special day. Considering this, it would only be right if you give your guests an appropriate “thank you”. You do not necessarily need to ask them to stand in queue while you individually give them your gratitude, but at least during the reception, do go from table to table and greet your guests. Have a few photos taken with them and mingle; it is the very least you can do. After all, you do not want your wedding guests to feel like mere observers instead of actual participants to your wedding day.


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Finding a Wedding Planner : Six Questions to Ask Your Potential Planner


“The first rule for choosing vendors is to avoid those who suggest that your budget is not sufficient. The planning process should be about taking your ideas and making them work.” –Mindy Weiss

When it comes to the biggest day of their lives and tying the knot, no person can be more meticulous (and quite fastidious at times) than the bride. As a bride, this is that one special day you have been looking forward to most of your life. Considering this is the case, you would want everything in place and everything to be perfect. As perfection is hardly attainable on your own in any setting (things are bound to get awry on a wedding day), you have decided to enlist the assistance of a professional wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator or planner does not only take care of your wedding’s logistics, he or she is basically the person who makes your dream wedding materialize. In a sense, you can think of them as that cohesive component that binds all of your dream wedding’s elements together.

It is precisely for this reason that you would require your wedding planners or coordinators to not only be professional but organized as well. Organization is paramount. With the very diverse factors coming into play during your wedding, a systematic and strategic approach is essential to leverage on your wedding event. Additionally, they would serve as your point person every step of the way, so it is imperative that you feel at ease with who you hire. These are just a few things you have to keep in mind when you are hiring a wedding planner, but to ascertain if a person is fit for the job, it is best to conduct an interview. Here are a series of questions you should ask your potential planner before deciding on hiring them.

1.) Are you available on my wedding date?

This should be your initial question during the interview as you would not want to waste any more time in planning with them if they are not even available on your desired date. However, if your dates are still flexible then compromise. Make sure you are willing to wait until your chosen wedding coordinator is free to work with you. You can also ask for more options which you can take into consideration when you are finalizing your wedding date.

2.) What’s the cost of the average wedding you plan?

Some wedding planners go beyond just planning the wedding of your dreams. Some of them would be the one to contact other necessary wedding vendors that would complement the other elements and tie up the entire event. These professional wedding planners would offer these services in their wedding packages in the Philippines. These packages come at a price which would help you gauge whether or not it is within your allocated budget.

3.) What other services do you offer?

A brief gander at a wedding professional planner’s website would not yield so much information about what other services they may offer or what their services exactly are. You need to have an idea what the full wedding package means and a good way to do this is to ask for an explanation on how they can help you with your wedding planning. The information given to you is a pivotal factor in deciding which type of planner would work best for your needs.

4.) How many weddings have you planned?

This will give you an average on how much experience your potential planner already has. Ideally, you would want someone who has planned at least a few weddings—especially if a wedding specific experience is what you are after. Weddings should be their specialty as planning other events such as corporation gatherings and other soirees do not have the same logistics as planning a wedding. Weddings have a more emotional and personal feel that other parties lack.

5.) How do you propose to help me stay within my budget?

A good coordinator or planner would never tell you that your wedding budget is inadequate to create a wedding event. Without even knowing your budget, a great planner would have suggestions on wedding venues that would be friendly to your pockets. Additionally, they would come up with ways to help you save and have alternatives to expensive options.

6.) How do payments work? Will there be additional expenses on top of your base fee?

This is imperative if you do not want to be surprised by how much you would be paying your wedding planner after the event is done. Know what is and what is not included in the fee they have quoted you and how they calculate it so you can budget for anything extra. Ascertain if their base fee already covers all of their other expenses (food, parking, etc.) or if there would be another expense on top of that. This is also a chance for you to negotiate with them as regards the payment schedule and the types of fees before signing the contract.


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Weddings 101: A 12 Month Wedding Timeline

Weddings do not exactly plan themselves and even more so, the logistics that go into planning one would cause most brides a lot of stress and anxiety. And for this reason, what would be radiant and gorgeous brides would mostly turn into bridezillas by their wedding or even before that. Though this is not necessarily true for every bride-to-be experiencing an insuperable amount of stress, it does have a huge contributing factor.

However, if you planned accordingly and did all the necessary preparations months beforehand, then come wedding day you would not be stressing over the most minute detail or would be at wits end because you are not sure if everything is in order and in place just yet. This is why, as a smart bride-to-be, you should have a personal timeline that would detail everything you should be doing and preparing for that particular time and month before your wedding. By necessitating a wedding timeline, you would be effectively streamlining what would be a complicated process if you went without it. It would also serve as a cheat sheet for you to refer to when it comes to deciding which preparations should be slated for that particular month. To illustrate this, have a gander below and see a sample 12 Month Wedding Timeline.


• Try to envisage what kind of wedding you would want to have and try to come up with an ideal budget for it.
• Have a planning team at the ready and if preferred, hire a wedding coordinator or consultant.
• Choose a wedding date and time. Have more than a few options; check the venues, officiating officer, and important guests if they are available on a date you have chosen before finalizing.
• Come up with drafted guest list.
• Choose and book your site for the ceremony and the site for your reception.
• If you are looking to lose weight for your wedding day, now is the best time to start.


• Brides should start canvassing for their gowns and have it sewn
• Try to come up with a wedding menu and choose a wedding caterer
• Think of an appropriate form of entertainment for your reception
• Start looking for a photographer who would shoot your prenuptial photos
• Have yourself registered for gifts
• If you need to have anything rented for your wedding day such as tables, chairs or tents, contact these companies as early as ten months prior.
• Envision the type of floral decoration you would want.


• Book your reception entertainer
• Have your entourage ready for gown fitting and order them
• Plan your ideal honeymoon
• Draft and send save the date cards


*Should a prewedding counseling be required, attend it.
*Start browsing for wedding rings and shop for your wedding invitations
*If you are having your honeymoon out of town, renew or get your passports should it be necessary.
*Have a wedding cake in mind and research cake designers. Decide on one and book them.


*Order your wedding cake
*Attend your bridal shower (If your friends have already planned it that is)
*Grooms should have their formalwear ready by now
*Hire your wedding day transport such as limousines and other cars.


• Have your invitations mailed by now
• Ready your gifts for your parents, attendants and to your spouse-to-be
• Book your hairstylist and makeup artist. Before finalizing on them, go for a test and trial run.
• Start drafting your vows.


• You and your spouse should apply for a marriage license now.
• Brides should have their final gown fittings as well as their entourage
• Produce a wedding program which you could hand out to your guests during the reception
• Plan a welcome basket or gift for your out of town guests.


• Review your guest list and call those who have not confirmed whether they will be coming or not yet.
• Select must have shot-lists and send them to your photographer and videographer. Additionally, your prenuptial video should be ready by now.
• Have your final song list ready and send them to your DJ or bandleader. Include songs you do not want to be played and special song requests.
• If you are looking to update your look for the wedding, this is the time to have a pre-wedding color and haircut


• Give your wedding caterer and the reception site your final guest headcount. Make sure to include all of the wedding professionals who would be expecting a meal.
• Finalize your guest seating arrangement
• Furnish your location manager with a list of requests by the wedding professionals such as a table for the DJ or space for the florist, etc.
• Print and place all of your table cards.
• Finalize all of your arrangements with your wedding professionals
• Grooms should get their hair trimmed
• Attend various pre-wedding parties.


*Brides should have their gown pressed and steamed while grooms should go for their final fitting.
*Have a wedding party position ready for the ceremony and the order of the party in the processional and recessional.
*Reconfirm all final details with your wedding professionals. If there are any last minute substitutions, discuss them now.
*Call your pick-up and transport service and arrange an appropriate pick-up time and location.


*Furnish the wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of your wedding.
*Prepare checks and talk to your wedding hosts about payments to be paid at the end of the wedding reception.


• Give your marriage license to the officiant
• Prepare all wedding essentials
• Get some adequate rest


• Present your parents and your spouse with gifts
• Give wedding bands to the best man and to the maid of honor during the ceremony or to the ring bearer should you opt to have one.
• Assign an attendant to assist the photographer so he would know who is who.
• Relax and enjoy your wedded bliss.


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Secrets to a Successful and Lasting Marriage



Weddings are easy, but marriages are hard.

No truer words have been spoken. The truth is when it comes to a life of coupledom, saying your I do’s, booking a place to hold the event, hiring a wedding caterer and the wedding ceremony itself are the easiest parts. In fact, in some marriages, only the ceremony itself is simple while the rest that follows are not only daunting, but a bit challenging as well. In essence, the logistics of a wedding are pretty straightforward; however carefully treading the steps towards happily ever after is what takes a whole lot of hard work.

This is inevitable. When you have grown accustomed to a single person for a significant amount of time, a sense of familiarity takes root, and when that happens, tedium can occur. Of course, the first bliss and butterflies you had when you first started dating are not permanent ornaments in your stomach, and the feelings you once felt for each other would not necessarily be as intense as when you had first felt them, but that does not mean that after a while your marriage is in for a bore. No—but it does mean that it takes a conscious effort from the both of you to make it work. Learn more about each other every single day and though the burning fire you once felt for each other may be lowered to a simmer for quite a time, you should both do your best to maintain it creatively. If you are looking for ways to keep that fire you and your significant other have read some of the nuggets of wisdom below collected from various happy married couples and incorporate it into your life as wife and husband.

1.) When bad things happen, remember that these are not permanent and this, too, shall pass. Do not let a single argument dictate the rest of your life with your spouse. And more importantly, when it is resolved, do not look for a chance to bring it up again when they do you wrong.

2.) Do not be stingy with affection. Remember, affection breeds affection. Hold each other for a few minutes in the morning, touch each other, kiss each other good morning and good night and more importantly, be intimate with each other (no matter at what age you are). It is easy to neglect these things when you have been together for quite some time and even more so when the two of you get too immersed in work. However, this is one way to make the both of you feel distant from each other. So, designate a portion of your day to your spouse as this will help you feel and stay connected.

3.) Having children can be stressful, but soon enough they will grow up too.

4.) The silent treatment never works. It is an obstruction to what should be an open pathway for communication between you and your spouse. Instead, talk about the things that bother you the moment that they do. Never let your emotions build up or you will likely have an outburst that your spouse may have a hard time understanding considering you waited to speak out.

5.) Be each other’s best friend. Do fun things together and be spontaneous. If you constantly try new things with your spouse, you are not only building memories, but you are building your relationship as well.

6.) When it comes to financial matters, be open with each other. Make a budget together so that in this way, you can make plans for future financial investments and plan for your dreams in the future.

7.) Patience is key. True enough, you are growing old together, but you are not necessarily growing at the same time. You are still two separate individuals; you develop at different times and in different ways. Be patient and remember to give and take to make your union last forever.

8.) Saying “I love you” goes a long way. Never neglect to tell your spouse how much you love them and how much you appreciate them for being in your life.

9.) Trust begets trust. Trust your spouse and at the same time be worthy of their confidence a well.

10.) Support each other and be happy for each other’s successes. Build your spouse up and be their rock for every endeavor they make.

11.) Surprise each other with little gifts or notes like you used to when you were still dating. This is one way of making your spouse feel appreciated.

12.) Never underestimate the power of being nice even when it can be hard at times. But do remember that you love this person so much that you pledged to live your whole life together with him or her. Treat them with kindness and they will likely reciprocate.

13.) Whenever arguments occur, breathe and relax. Communicate without being accusatory and without flying off the handle. Try to be as level-headed as you can be and before the day ends, try to work things out. Do not sleep with a heavy heart or you will likely wake up resenting your spouse.

14.) Be generous with your time and your love. Make a conscious effort in showing your love for your spouse.

15.) Do remember why you fell in love with your spouse and why you appreciate them for being with you. Always remind yourself of this every single day.