Beautiful Celebrations: Five Facts about Filipinos Debut You Probably Didn’t Know



18-roses“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” –E.E. Cummings

In the Philippines, a debut is not only a social event that a girl looks forward to celebrating all of her teenage life. Rather it is a girl’s symbolic transition from being a naïve lass to a woman. It has been said that this traditional practice has been around for years and has been meant to be celebrated to prepare the woman for the world of womanhood. In the age of social media and going viral, how this eighteenth “coming out” birthday party is celebrated will be starkly different to how it was celebrated decades ago. However, while there may be significant differences in how debut parties are celebrated now and then, there are still distinct aspects and notes that are present regardless of how a debut party will be thrown such as the cotillion dance and the customary eighteen roses dance.

If you are planning to celebrate your debut anytime soon, here are some of the facts about this coming of age celebration that you might want to know:

1.) It has been a tradition.

In the Philippines, girls are known to dream of their eighteenth birthday as it has been a long- held celebration observed by most Filipinos dating way back to aristocratic times. Today, some young women may choose to celebrate it differently but regardless of how they decide to greet their eighteenth birthday, turning eighteen is a big deal for them.

2.) It calls for a celebration.

Western countries are known to celebrate their sixteenth birthdays with a bang. Filipinos treat the eighteenth birthday of their daughters in the same regard. Depending on how the daughter wishes to throw a party and how much the parents would be willing to spend, eighteenth birthdays are usually elaborate events—second only to wedding celebrations.

3.) It is a big deal.

Turning eighteen is a big deal for most Filipino women and for this reason, they would wish to throw an elaborate party. In fact, some would regard debut parties in the same regard as wedding and baptismal celebrations. Although it is primarily up to the parents whether or not to give their daughters a debut party, a celebration of some sort is expected. With this in mind, some parents would throw an incredibly big bash for their daughters and would even prepare as early as nine months before the expected date.

4.) It is for women.

Debut parties are primarily geared towards women. It is a girl thing and is an occasion meant to be celebrated by women. However, this is not to say that boys do not have their own celebrations as well. As men are said to mature much later than women, they are to celebrate their debut or coming of age party when they turn 21. However, their celebrations are not as elaborate as a woman’s. More often than not, they would spend the night with friends in a bar and simply celebrate their adulthood.

5.) Social status is not an issue.

Back in the day, throwing a debut party was exclusively held by the members of the elite and upper class. It was said that they conducted these social events to keep up with current trends within their social circle. Furthermore, big parties and social gatherings such as debut parties were said to bolster their reputation within the community. In this regard, it can be said that debut parties were thrown for two reasons. However, as archaic and obsolete societal norms no longer constrain us, anyone can have a debut should they so wish.


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Joyful Occasions: Three Things You can Expect in Every Dress Fitting


“Just go in and try things on…things you may even think I would never wear that. Give yourself that freedom.”-Vera Wang

The wedding dress is the most iconic piece of sartorial garment a woman will ever wear in her life. With this in consideration, a bride should not only be meticulous in choosing one that suits her but should regard every process from the selection to the final fitting carefully. Choosing and purchasing your wedding gown is just the initial phase of the process. When you have finally selected the perfect dress, it just does not stop there. You need to give it back to the seamstress to design in such a way that it would be tailored to fit your comfortably and perfectly. While most of you will think that the process stops there, it actually goes beyond that.

Here are some of the things you can expect (and what you should ideally do) at every step of the process:

1.) The Dress Selection

Above all the phases you go through in your wedding gown fitting, this one is the most exciting. After all, you would be finding the gown of your dreams or designing one of your own. Ideally, you should be able to decide on a design nine months to a year prior to your wedding as this will give your seamstress or designer enough time to create the gown. To narrow down your choices, set a realistic budget and do research about the kind of dresses and designers you will love. Furthermore, bring a companion with you—someone’s opinion who you value. Their feedback will help you choose the gown that looks best. Remember not to bring too many friends as conflicting opinions can be a bad thing.

To prepare, wear a nude and strapless bra and underwear as well. If you are planning to visit multiple stores, it would be a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and simply bring heels if you wish to see the overall effect.

2.) First fitting

The first fitting is when you will evaluate whether the dress fits just right or if you would need any alterations. Two to three months before your wedding is when you should ideally have your first fitting. However, the boutique or your seamstress may contact you earlier the moment your dress is available. Before this day comes, you should now have shopped for everything else you intend to wear the moment you walk down the aisle—from your jewelry, headpieces down to your shoes. Key pieces would be the shoes and undergarments (shapewear and lingerie included). To prepare for the day, ensure that you are wearing something that would be easy to wear and take off and bring along the rest of the accessories you have purchased so that you can try them on with your dress.

After your initial excitement of seeing yourself in the dress, be sure to take note of the things that you do not like. Is the skirt just the right length? Is the elaborate beadwork done to your liking? These are the things you have to take into consideration before giving the gown back to your seamstress.

3.) The Second/Final Fitting

After the initial fitting, you will now have a second fitting where you try on the dress with all the adjustments you have made which should occur five to six weeks before your wedding day. To be sure that everything you wish has been incorporated, make a list of the alterations you had planned and keep an eye out for them when you get the dress. Bring in a sharp-eyed companion who accompanied you on your first fitting as they would know which parts of the dress you wish to have altered as well.

To prepare, bring the same items as you did during your first fitting.

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Four Things You Can Consider to Have a Budget Friendly Debut


“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” -Albert Einstein


Turning eighteen is one of the most important milestones a girl experiences in her life. For some, it can be considered as the pivotal event that signifies the transition of a girl from a simple maiden into a woman. As a result, many girls would see their eighteenth birthday soiree or debut as a grand event they want to execute flawlessly. With this in mind, they could spend weeks to months meticulously planning every detail to make sure that everything goes perfectly. However, more often than not, budget constraints would set them back from having that dream debut they have always wanted. This should not be a cause for concern however as there are innumerable ways to make sure that you can still have an elegant debut sans the exorbitant expense—the key is to think out of the box and stay within your budget.

From selecting a budget friendly debut package to doing some things on your own, here are a few ways you can stay on budget while still having the debut of your dreams:


1.) Opt for an outdoor venue instead of an air-conditioned one

More often than not, an outdoor venue would cost you much cheaper to rent for the night than an air-conditioned one. This is because an air-conditioned venue would require you to pay for the electricity needed to power the air-conditioning systems as opposed to having the natural breeze of an outdoor venue which you can rent at a lower rate. You can save a lot if you book a venue that is mostly outdoor and just has an open tent or pavilion for the tables. Furthermore, this will give your party an enchanting touch of having the natural drapery of the night skies.

2.) DIY menu

You can break the mold by opting to have a tea party or midday brunch theme for your debut instead of the traditional dinner time party. Considering that the time of your party does not necessitate a full meal for your guests, you can easily style your menu to fit the time of the day—one which you can easily do yourself. All that is left for you to do is to find caterers who would accommodate such a request. Alternatively, if you have a lot of spare time on your hands and have a slew of people to help you out, then, by all means, cook for your party. In doing so, not only are you treating your guests to a homemade meal, but you are saving a lot as well.

3.) Make your own décor

Party décor by itself is not too pricey. But for major parties that would need a lot of decorations, the expense can easily accumulate to a hefty sum. To cut some costs, you can always opt to make your own décor. If you have a particularly artistic eye and skill, you can easily execute this—especially since you already know what you want to see in your party. Additionally, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision come to life which is one of the reasons why you should consider this alternative as well. If you are having trouble with décor ideas, you can easily find inspiration online in websites such as Pinterest or several groups in social media that specialize in debut events.

4.) Get creative with the invites

Another way to minimize costs is to get creative with the invites. Besides, if you needlessly spend for party invitations, it would only go to waste seeing as guests are more likely to just glance at them and forget about them by the time your party is over. Instead, get creative and play around with your invites. If you want to go green, you can digitally make your invitations by creating a video and tagging all of your guests in it. Alternatively, if you want to take the traditional route, consider what your theme is and incorporate that into your invitations.

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Five Ways to Throw a Successful Kiddie Birthday Bash


Throwing a birthday party for a kid is widely different than throwing a bash for an adult. In some cases, it may be even more stressful and time-consuming. Whereas teenagers and adults would be fairly satisfied with food and drinks, kids, on the other hand, are another story. There are so many aspects to consider such as how to entertain your young guests and keep them entertained. After all, kids do not possess the same attention span as adults do and could easily get bored after a while. However, fear not, children are fairly easy to please after all. So, if you are planning a birthday party or are hosting a kiddie birthday party anytime soon, here are some tried and tested tips to make it a successful bash:

1.) Have a theme in mind

Generally, in planning a kid’s birthday party, it is best to have a theme in mind so that you can base the rest of the party from that theme. This is so you that the rest of the party’s aspects such as the decorations, the entertainment, and the giveaways would have congruence. One such example is to have a ranch style party that you can hold in a local barn with a petting zoo. There are so many caterers that would offer you fun ranch party packages that are affordable as well as fun and entertaining for the kids.

2.) Consider the Food Issue

Most kids would be picky eaters and are unlikely to eat something they are unfamiliar with. In order to have a good workaround to this issue, look for a neutral menu that you are certain kids would love. An example would be a menu that consists of hamburgers, spaghetti, fries, pizza, and stews. These are all inexpensive to make and kids will love it. Additionally, make sure to have colorful utensils as kids are attracted to color and as much as possible, these should be plastic so that should accidents happen, you would not have much to clean up nor replace.

3.) Get creative

To curb costs, opt to do the decorations and the souvenirs yourself most especially if you have a creative streak. It might be time-consuming but the money you will save from making this than buying them ready-made would be very much worth it. Apart from the money you can potentially save, kiddie party decors are pretty straightforward and are not all that hard to make. You would only need small inexpensive packets of construction paper, craft foam, a pair of scissors and some tape or glue which you can then transform into banners and paper chains of any color combinations you want.

4.) Decide whether you want to use your home

An integral aspect of planning a kid’s birthday party is the venue. This is because if your home does not have an area where kids can freely roam around and would have a lot of fragile objects, you are putting those items at a risk when the kids would run amok or when they play. True enough, home parties can save you a great deal of money as you can leverage how much you would spend on food and decorations, but if you do not want to put that much effort in and you would not want to run the risk of broken house items, then choose a venue.

5.) Decide if you want to have the parents stay

Most parents would leave their kids at the party venue and would go on about their day until it is ready to pick them up. Other parents, however, would want to stay and keep a close watch on their kids. To make sure there is no miscommunication, indicate it on the invitation if the parents are invited to stay or not.


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Planning for an Event? Here’s Why You Should Go For Online Reservation


Let’s get to the point. Planning for an event is a lot of hassle. You have to think about how you can effectively work out your plan to make it a success. Not to mention simple details that bring a significant impact to the said event. If you are an event planner or organizer, your tasks do not just end with the decorations and flow of the program. You also have to think about the food. However, if you think finding the perfect catering packages is simple, then you better think again. Whether you realize it or not, there are also a lot of things you need to consider before you hire a caterer.

For some event organizers, going for an online reservation would do the work since it has many advantages. In fact, organizers who do not have much time in dealing such has no problem since reserving or booking a caterer online is a hassle free. To give you an idea, we list down some reasons as to why you should go for online reservations.


Who would want to make things difficult? No one, right? We all do want to make things easier and faster. Whatever we may do, we want some convenience. That is why booking a hotel online saves you some hassles and disappointments. You can even make the reservations through your smartphones and tables, with just a click away and you’re already booked. Gone are the day where you need for lengthy phone calls or visits to a catering shop just to book a place. Moreover, this can saves more time than booking it in person.

Customer reviews

Again, there are hundreds to thousands of websites that offers online reservations. And aside from shopping around for an affordable price, you can also shop around and see what website can provide you great and satisfying services. Yes, although there are lots of them, it doesn’t mean they can all give you the right services. There are also websites or caterers that leave their customers hanging without any work. That is why, before you decide and make the reservation, make sure you know what other previous customers can say about the agency and services that they give to them.

You can book anytime of the day

Of course, this! You don’t have to wait until they open their office. You can book anytime of the day and anywhere. Using of online booking systems are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So you don’t have any reasons as to why you didn’t get a place for you to stay.


One of the advantages, when you go for online reservations, is that you will know their price range. Of course, there are a lot of online booking websites where you can shop around and see what particular website offers the lowest prices. Most of the times, booking over the phone with the customer service representatives will give you some extra charges. However, when you do the bookings online, you can save some money on all those extra hidden charges. What you see on their website is the fixed price, which is lower than having it over the phone.

Changes and cancellations

Websites that offer online reservations are not that strict when it comes to that matter. If you think that there are some changes in your schedules, then you can re-scheduled your bookings or even cancel it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about such things since they offer free online charges and cancellations within 24-hours of departure. Just make sure that you make some necessary changes ahead of time for as not to make the transaction void.

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Things you should know about being a Wedding Guest



We have all attended weddings at some point in our lives. For some in the latter part of their twenties, it becomes a rather regular occasion with your news feed popping up now and then showing your friends’ and acquaintances proposal and wedding videos. However, being a wedding guest is not all about dressing up, showing up to the affair and eating some of the great food offered by the wedding caterer.

No, weddings are not only about the romance and the glam and if you have attended enough weddings in a lifetime, but you will also certainly notice a trend. And though all the guests would be able to speak of is the glamour of the event, there are some things that they are aware of but just would not talk about. The fact is, there are things you should aptly observe the next time you are invited to a wedding and see if any of the things below are true for you as it currently is for us.

1.) At some point in your life, it will occur at least three to five times in a year. When you are at a certain age, it is inevitable that you have friends who are approximately around your age, and these friends may choose to get married roughly in the same year. Think of it as a welcome way to dress up instead and try to think of ways to make one wedding outfit different for every wedding you attend if you are on a budget. You do not want to look glaringly the same in every wedding taken photo after all.

2.) A majority of the speeches you will hear would sound the same. Though this largely depends on who the couple elects to their speech, a standard practice has been that the best man and the maid of honor do the toasts. Unless the groom’s best man is someone other than his best friend, most of their speeches will be anecdotes and a retelling of how the couple met and how rowdy their initial days were. The bride will probably have a gushy and cheesy speech at the end of the night, and it may leave some of the more sentimental and emotional guests in tears.

3.) People often overlook the fact that the half-filled glass of champagne is saved for toasts. It may seem obvious to some. However, this may come as a surprise to many people, but the glass half-filled with champagne is reserved for toasts and should not be drunk during dinner—unless you plan on getting hammered that is. Remember, you may probably have a lot more toasts to sip to, so try to keep your sips to a minimum.

4.) RSVP’ing is apparently more important than people originally thought. Apart from it being the courteous thing to do, it helps the couple account for the heads they are about to feed during their wedding. When you do receive your invitation, RSVP as soon as possible and do not attend the wedding with an uninvited guest or even show up unannounced. When you fail to RSVP, the couple may assume you are not coming which means your designated spot and the budget allocated for you may have been given to someone else.

5.) You will inevitably imagine how your own wedding would look like. Even if you are not the romantic and sentimental type, envisioning how yours would look like is an inescapable thought. Though not necessarily focused on the syrupy aspect of a wedding, you will probably think of what kind of flowers you are going to have, how your entourage would look like if you would probably do the same things that the couple did, etc.

6.) At all costs, do not be the center of attention. Whether it may be from all the ruckus you are causing from being way too intoxicated or from the looks you are getting with the type of garb you are wearing, you should never be the center of attention during a couple’s big day. Not only will you come off as self-absorbed and selfish, but you are taking a couple’s chance to have a day to be all about them. So for the day, suck it up and behave yourself. You will have your own wedding soon, and you probably would not want anyone stealing your spotlight either.

Destination Weddings: Five Things to Do Before the Wedding Day!



Weddings with a scenic and picturesque backdrop make for one of the most visually aesthetic photos and some of the fondest memories. Engaged couples who want to venture this route are aware of the many perks but would often overlook the logistics that comes along with it. Though planning a gorgeous destination wedding is a great way to break away from the traditional method, it would be best if you and your fiancé are adequately equipped with the knowledge of what the affair truly involves. Neglecting to do so may cost you and which would make for some of the greatest wedding mishaps and consequences.

So, if you are planning on tying the knot in a far-flung place, consider the series of guidelines and pointers below. So that come wedding day, you would not be ill-prepared in walking that foreign wedding aisle with that exquisite background.

Be realistic and choose a location that is easy to go to

Engaged couples often make the rookie mistake of impulsively planning their place that they might be able to go, but their guests would not be able to. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have plans in inviting guests, you also have to take them into consideration. You need to realize that planning a destination wedding is not as simple as seeing a scenic photo from whatever part of the world and begin planning their weddings.

Additionally, planning a successful, beautiful and memorable wedding takes more than just gorgeous scenery. If those far-flung areas would involve a 20 plus hour travel time with a lot of layovers in between, are you quite sure your guests would still want to attend your affair?

Choose a package or a planner

Consider how difficult and stressful it is to plan a wedding just in your local home—now, factor in the fact that your wedding is to occur far from home, and it will definitely double up the difficulty and the stress. With the location of your wedding so far away, it is not only wise to choose a package or a planner but it is essential and practical. Some packages would already include the wedding catering and the floral arrangements, however; there may be some packages that are not so inclusive. With that in mind, it is best to consider the best option for you. Having a planner to complement the wedding package is an ideal route as it leaves you with less to plan. It may not exactly be the most affordable route, but it would streamline the logistics of the event.

Visit the site before the actual wedding day

You are about to spend a lot of cash just for this wedding and just like buying a brand new car, it would be best if you took it out for a test drive to get the general feel. Similarly, you should set foot on your chosen destination wedding place before the actual wedding day to bask yourself in the ambiance and just the general feel. Although, it might cost you a bit more and might take a chunk out of your budget, consider that not everything you see in photos is exactly the same as they are in reality.

Consider that sometimes less is more

With the scenic background and breathtaking ambiance, you would hardly have a need for wedding decorations as this will only overwhelm setting. Having an abundance of wedding decorations would only be a superfluity and would be unnecessary considering that the place itself paints the backdrop for you. This is one of the many advantages of having a destination wedding; additionally, it allows you to save that excess funds for other wedding expenses.

Have a backup

Although, you may be adequately aware of the weather conditions of your chosen locale during the wedding day, there is no telling whether it would rain or not—weather remains as unpredictable as ever after all. So, in case, the fairly untoward weather conditions occur, be sure that your chosen venue has an indoor option. You would not want to cancel wedding plans just on account of rain, do you? Be ready for any event and have a possible backup.