Wedding Gown Fittings: Six Things No One Tells You about Choosing a Wedding Dress


“After all, there is something about a wedding gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.” –Douglas Jerrold


The wedding gown is the most iconic piece of garment a woman will ever wear in her life. Not only would she wear this on her most momentous day, but she would also be wearing it on an event that would have every single eye in the room trained on her. In this regard, it would be understandable why so many women would feel pressured to find the perfect gown.

However, unbeknownst to them, there is quite a myriad of things that occur when you do choose a gown—whether you are still in the process of selecting it or have already decided on one. In any case, here are the things you can expect when you are on a wedding gown or dress hunt:


Your childhood dreams are over

As a kid, you have probably envisioned what your wedding dress would look like and have run through it over and over your head ever since you said yes to your partner’s proposal. Unfortunately, unless you have an extremely talented designer who can customize the gown for you, it might be impossible to find in retail stores. Even if you do find it, it does not look the way you wish it had in your head and it is not definitely what you wish to wear while you walk down the aisle.

It takes a lot of tries before you find the one

Much like how you dated around to finally find that one true love of yours who you will be marrying soon, finding the perfect dress is just as elusive. Do not worry though; great things take time and an incredible amount of patience.

Sometimes nothing in the bridal boutique fits you perfectly

It might seem like an alien concept to you, but the truth is nothing will fit you perfectly in some boutique shops. Women do not come in a standard size so what might adequately fit you in other areas might feel a little snug or loose in some parts of the dress. Either everything is too tiny that the zip would not go up all the way or is too massive that it would need to be held back with a lot of pins.

So you might eventually need a seamstress

Even if you bought your wedding gown from a bridal boutique shop, if there are customizations you wish to have incorporated (such as making it fit you a lot better or some intricate beadwork), you will inevitably need a seamstress. There is no need to worry though, they know what they are doing and they can make the gown as close to the one you have in your dreams.

There is nothing such as a timeless gown

Sure, you want to buy a gown that is both classic and timeless. However, bear in mind that everything would look dated after a while, so do not push it. Just find the gown that you like best and go with that. Do not worry about it being a timeless design and the like.

You are barraged with a string of doubts when you finally pick a dress

So, you have finally picked out a wedding gown…YAY YOU! Unfortunately, it does not stop there. Once you have paid the initial deposit, you are going to spend the next few months contemplating whether you should have gotten a different design instead. Quite the indecision, is it not? As the excitement and thrill of finding the perfect down wears down, you would soon begin to realize the impracticality of the situation: You bought an expensive dress which you are going to wear just once. Not to fear though, your daughter in the future could probably use its material for her own dress as well.

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Aesthetic Weddings: What Your Wedding Dress Says About You


“Choose the gown you feel most confident in—your dress should reflect ‘you’.” –Rachel Gilbert

A wedding gown is perhaps the most important sartorial piece of garment a woman will ever wear in her life. Not only does it symbolize her transition from a single woman to that of a couple, but it is also an iconic dress that has not lost its true essence and beauty over the years. Moreover, not only is the wedding dress a woman chooses an epitome of her style and preference—it is also incredibly telling of who she is as a person. To some, the wedding gown is nothing but a mere dress you wear for only one day in your life, but to brides it might just be one of the integral elements on her wedding day.

In this regard, the dress should make a woman feel confident and beautiful. But she should also take care to remember that she should be comfortable in it as well. In any case, if you are planning to select or have already selected your wedding gown, here are some of the things it might say about you:

1.) Ball Gown

As a kid, you have probably dreamt what your wedding would look like and alongside that, you have envisioned yourself countless times in a wedding gown. You might probably have been into Disney princesses at one point in your life and wanted to look like them and on your wedding day, you have endeavored to make it come true. Your outward façade might suggest conservativeness and you may, seem traditional, but you are a romantic at heart. You believe in happy endings, love and romance itself.

2.) Jumpsuit

You are a rebel. You do not want to conform to traditional tastes and would rather be spotted getting married in something more unique. Furthermore, you are warm and laid-back which makes people feel comfortable around you. You are pretty chill when it comes to wedding preparations. In fact, what matters most to you is that by the end of the day, you do end up with the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

3.) Naked Dress

You are a performer and you always love putting on a show. However, your flesh dress is not about putting on a show or showing off. It is about being as dramatic as you can on the most important day in your life. To you, it would seem like your wedding is that much-awaited concert wherein you are the star everything is waiting for. Do not forget to wear nipple tapes though. You may want to put on a show but you definitely do not want to show everything!

4.) Non-White

You are an absolute non-conformist and you believe that weddings are all about what you want to happen instead of simply just tradition. In fact, you may even be a total pop-culture media junkie and you love making statements. Going with a color other than white is definitely a way to create interest in your wedding and it certainly makes ripples in terms of making a statement.

5.) Drama at the back

You love having the limelight on you, and you positively thrive in being the center of attention—so much so that even when your back is turned, you want to ensure that every single eye in the room is on you. After all, this is your wedding day, and it is probably the only chance you will ever get to be the star of the day. So, the least you can do is not only wear a stunning gown but a gown that creates drama at the back as well to keep guests talking about it even weeks after the wedding.

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Beautiful Weddings: Three Reasons to Wear a Wedding Gown off the Rack


“A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal object for a woman—it must reflect the personality and style of the bride”-Carolina Hererra

Planning a wedding is already a cause of much stress to the couple involved—even more so to the bride. But if there is anything that the bride wants on her wedding day, she wishes to look picture perfect as well as beautiful. In fact, this is that one day in her life that she gets to be the most gorgeous woman in the room, so she should make it her while. Unfortunately, being the most stunning woman in a room can be quite difficult to achieve, even if it is your big day. In this regard, many brides would opt to wear custom-made ostentatious wedding gowns or elaborate wedding dresses with intricate details and designs in hopes that all eyes would be on them on their big day. As this momentous day comes only once for most, brides would want to ensure they look not only their best but near perfection. However, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with donning a custom-gown for your wedding day, it is an entirely different thing when it starts to put a strain on your wedding budget.

After all, why spend a lot on a dress that you are only going to be wearing for one day? There are a lot more beautiful and ready-to-wear wedding gowns out there that are just as beautiful sans the exorbitant price tag. Sure, a wedding gown off the rack might lack that personal feel you may have always wanted, but you can easily incorporate that into the other aspects of your wedding and not necessarily your wedding gown. In any case, if you are on the hedge as to whether you should be forking over a fortune just for a wedding gown, you might want to consider buying it off the rack instead. Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should:

1.) A gown off the rack costs much, much less

One of the most compelling reasons to get a wedding gown off the rack is because you will inevitably be paying a much cheaper for it than a custom designed one. Exclusively designed gowns are usually made by designers from top-notch shops and would set you back anywhere from eighty-thousand pesos to a hundred depending on the design and details that you wish to be present on your gown. A ready to wear gown, on the other hand, can easily fit any budget with the price starting at ten-thousand pesos or lower.

2.) You already have a specific wedding gown in mind, or prefer the classic look

If you had already thought of a wedding gown design way before you got engaged, there is no need to have a designer translate it into a dress for you unless the gown you have in mind is incredibly unique. You can simply look for it yourself or ask the designer if he or she already has a similar design (chances are, they do). If you are a stickler for the classics, there is no doubt that you would easily find a gown out there that would suit your taste and preference.

3.) You want to cut costs on your wedding budget

A customized wedding gown will inevitably take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget—so much so that you will eventually have to make a few compromises if you really wish to go designer. Cutting down on the budget of your dress would usually mean you have more money to spend on other aspects for your wedding such as the décor or the reception venue.

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Failsafe Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day





Happily ever after starts on your wedding day.

And on our very own particular wedding day, we want everything to be in place and we want everything to be perfect. This would invariably include our state of dress and how we look during our big day. Everything must be in tiptop form from our crowning glory that is our hair down to our manicured toes. Of course, as this is a once in a lifetime chance to wed the love of your life, it is only understandable that we might as well look the part—not only for the flashing lights and cameras but for our husbands-to-be as well.

However, it is universal knowledge that looking best on your wedding day requires months and months of preparation. You may hire all the best makeup personnel and professionals in the world, but it still would not compensate for a good foundation of proper diet and good exercise. Apart from grooming ourselves to be healthier and slimmer for our wedding day, this is also the day where we want our skin to look its brightest and undoubtedly a bit of makeup could help you achieve that. Regardless of what it may be, looking our best during our designated big days would require work. So, if you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to look your very best on your wedding day, take a gander at the guidelines offered below so whether you are walking the aisle on The Teatrillo or La Castellana, you are assured of a stellar look.

1.) Test run your look before the big day.

People may have been under this misguided superstitious belief that you should never wear your wedding gown before your actual wedding date. However, that seems counterintuitive as getting into your gown before your wedding day assures you that it fits (and if it does not, you can make the necessary adjustments). Apart from that, it would also do you well if you tried on different makeup looks and hairdos with your dress to see what works best with your wedding gown.

2.) Amp up on color

Since you will be garbed predominantly in white, now is the perfect time to amplify your makeup colors. You do not want to look washed out nor pale, so apply a stronger and a little bit brighter color on your lips and your cheeks—something a little more than your usual everyday look. Neutral colors do not translate well on photographs and would make you look a bit sickly. Choose eye-popping colors instead.

3.) Do not alter your hair prior to your wedding day

You may have thought of getting a new haircut or perhaps a new color for your hair, or you might have even been contemplating about straightening your curls or perming your super straight hair. If there is one wedding beauty advice that you should heed, it is this: Do not attempt to alter your hair prior to your wedding day. This is because you might not like the results and come wedding day, you will hardly appreciate the overall effect if you do not like how your hair looks. If you plan on altering your hairstyle, be safe and schedule it after the wedding day.

4.) Visit your dentist

It is the happiest day of your life so you will be doing a whole lot of smiling those pearly whites. To make sure your teeth are in their healthiest form, visit and consult your dentist. He or she will be able to grant you your whitest and brightest smile for your big day.

5.) Look like yourself

Above all, always remember not to overdo it. You may want to look your best but your husband-to-be intends to marry you and not the stranger you have managed to concoct and embellish on your face for the day. Do not try to emulate any looks or try to achieve any look aside from your own. The goal for your wedding day and wedding night is to look your best, be confident and beautiful. Remember, you are going to be facing your husband-to-be at the altar, make sure he would recognize you too underneath all the makeup.