Get Hitched without Breaking the Bank

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When thinking of weddings, we immediately think of the damages. It will cost us the venue, guest list, gowns and suits, invites, food among other things. Then, there’s the theme to think about. A whimsical wedding at Blue Gardens, Quezon … Continue reading

Best Flowers for Your Hair

Aside from the celebration of the love between a marrying couple, the bride is the focus of every wedding. Everything concerning the bride is much prepared and awaited for such as the bridal gown, the shoes, the make-up, and the hairstyle. Basically, the whole styling of the bride is often anticipated by many of the guests.

In deciding on the whole look of the bride, several factors come into place. One is the personal preference of the bride which also often dictates the styling of the whole wedding. The venue, whether it is as grand as Palacio de Maynila or as simple as a small private restaurant, is also often considered when deciding on the styling of the bride.

The bride’s hairstyle, albeit not as big as what the bride will wear, has a big impact on the overall look of the bride. Among the trends reappearing especially with the increasing popularity of garden weddings, is the use of real flowers on the bride’s hair. Instead of using hair accessories, various flowers can be used to adorn and enhance the bridal hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle is also perfect for garden-themed venues such as The Oasis and Fernwood Gardens.

Below are some of the best flowers that can be used on bridal hairstyles.

Gardenia. There are many things going for this flower that makes it an excellent choice for the bridal hairstyle. Gardenias are perfect in size for the one-flower bridal hairstyles. A single gardenia is intricate enough with its beautifully-layered white petals that will surely match any bridal gown. These flowers are often placed on the sides of whatever hairstyle the bride has chosen. While some choose to have only one flower, it is also a popular option to use a cluster of two to three flowers.gardeniaStephanotis. It is not a coincidence that one of the names by which this flower is known is the name “bridal veil”. Several pieces of stephanotis are often used in bridal hairstyles and they exude the pristine and dainty look. However, this type of flower can be a bit pricey. It also has a nice fragrance and a flower can hold up really well even if you wear it for hours on your hair..stephanotisOrchids. For those who prefer to have a little color in their hair, orchids are excellent choices. There are many options when it comes to color and they do not carry very strong scents. It is not unheard of to use vibrant-colored orchids for those who want more than a hint of color to their whole outfit.orchids