Catering Ideas: What Your Guests Want You to Know About Wedding Food


“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” –Thomas Keller


No question, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is where you decide to hold it. After all, your wedding venue often dictates the kind of wedding theme you might have—so it is pivotal that you choose well. Furthermore, your wedding venue tends to give your wedding guests that first impression of what they can expect to unfold during your event—a teaser for what is about to come, if you may.

However, regardless of whether you choose to have your wedding reception in the North Forbes Pavilion or no matter how lush and sophisticated it might be, maintaining the kind of impression you initially had on your wedding takes a lot more than beautiful, elaborate décor and elegant venues. In fact, one thing that stays with your guest well after the toasts are made or once they step out of your venue will not be how ornate your centerpieces are, but rather, the quality of food that they ate. Apart from ensuring you serve enough to feed all of them adequately, you need to consider including food that would fit everyone’s palate and not just yours and your partners.

Remember, if you wish your wedding guests to feel welcomed, then it is best you kept them in a celebratory mood all night long. In any case, here are some of the food-related guest secrets that are sure to wow them:


Consider the timing

While it is understandable to have a program flow, you should not keep your guests waiting to eat. If you and your guests normally take your dinner at around 7PM in the evening, they should not have to wait until 9PM to eat their food. However, if your dinner is not scheduled to be served until much later, consider adding more options to your cocktail bar. Apart from including drinks and juices, include some light finger food too such as sandwiches and chips. This will ensure that your guests would not be starving by the time dinner arrives. If you are in the initial phase of your planning, be sure to set your mealtime first and then work backward to your ceremony start time. Just be sure never to leave your guests starving.

Bedazzle your cocktail table

Impress your guests by having a large and bountiful table display filled with finger treats and food. You can take it up a notch by electing to have the food served to your guests by butlers. Be sure to include a variety of food so that your guests will have a lot to choose from. However, be careful not to add to have too much food on the cocktail table as your guests might overindulge—leaving them far too full to enjoy the evening wedding banquet.

Accommodate dietary restrictions/preferences

Be sure to account for food preferences, allergies as well as diet restrictions as well. Address this by talking to your caterer beforehand and ensuring that special dietary needs are met. Furthermore, it is best to communicate with your guests before the wedding so that they would have an idea of what to expect. After all, you cannot leave your vegan and vegetarian friends out just because they cannot enjoy the food. You also cannot realistically expect them to eat only bread and green beans. Be prepared ahead of time and ask your guests if they have special food needs.

Choose a menu that reflects your favorite items

In a way, the wedding menu reflects what you and your partner love to eat. If your favorite food in the whole world includes hamburgers, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese or the like, find a way to incorporate that into your menu. Customize your menu according to what you wish and ask your caterer if they can prepare it for you as well.

Include local food items

If you have wedding guests flying in just for the wedding, be sure to include local food that will be sure to impress them. Food items that are specific to a particular location are enjoyable as some of your guests might not even get another chance to try it apart from having them at your wedding. Feature some local dishes and be sure to get the best so as to give your wedding guests an appropriate experience.

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Beautiful Weddings: Four Steps in Choosing a Wedding Theme


“There are no perfect weddings—just beautiful ones.”-Author Unknown

Wedding themes are an integral part of wedding planning as it serves as the basic blueprint of all the aspects involved in your wedding. In a sense, it also sets the tone for the kind of wedding you have. Choosing a theme for your wedding is paramount to the overall success of your wedding as it provides a semblance of cohesion to all the elements involved.

Furthermore, it sets your wedding apart and would add personal touches to create a mood for your wedding guests that would best illustrate who you and your spouse are as a couple. However, as there is a myriad of wedding themes available online and on bridal magazines, it can be a bit of a challenge to choose just one that would suit your preferences. Worry not, however, here are some steps that you can follow so that you can get started:

1.) Choose a venue

Where you will hold your wedding is a pivotal aspect as to how you choose your wedding theme. More often than not, your wedding venue would already be a reflection of what you and your spouse already like. Your venue should not only be big enough to hold your guests, but it should also be appropriate to the kind of theme you have selected. After all, there is no point in holding a beach-themed wedding in a formal banquet hall. Similarly, a garden wedding works best if you held your wedding at an actual garden as well. With all this in mind, you should have a theme in mind before you start choosing your venue.

2.) Brainstorm with your partner

If you are having an especially challenging time on zeroing down on a single theme, sit down with your spouse and brainstorm. Think about the key words and aspects that define you both as a couple and try to integrate this as much as possible into your wedding theme. For example, if you and your partner love the great outdoors or are both nature lovers, you would probably like a garden-themed wedding. If the both of you are jet-setters and have traveled countless times together as a couple, then you might want to utilize this as a theme. Incorporate these elements into your wedding theme and let it convey a story to your wedding guests.

3.) Look for inspiration online

Perhaps you already have an idea of the kind of wedding theme you want but are unsure of how it would look. You might have a rough picture in your mind but could not piece it together. Thankfully, we have an unlimited resource when it comes to inspiration, and you can start looking for them online. Pinterest, for one, is a great website for seeking wedding theme inspirations. Try to look at as many wedding themes as you can and save the ones you like. More often than not, you would gravitate towards two or three wedding themes. From there, you can formulate your own theme and picture out what it is that you do want.

4.) Ask for help

You cannot always do everything alone and more often than not, your families and friends with a creative streak would be honored to give you their advice. Ask your artistic relatives and friends, and you will be surprised at the plethora of ideas they would give you. Furthermore, this would be an excellent opportunity for you and them to bond, and it would make them feel great that they had a hand in helping you with your wedding. Once everything is set, you might even want to ask for their assistance again in crafting décor items and wedding souvenirs should you choose the DIY route.

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Get Hitched without Breaking the Bank

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DIY Weddings: Five Tips to Make Your Wedding Event A Success!


One of the most stressful events to plan is a wedding as there are so many logistics involved in creating a successful one. This is why engaged couples rarely take the do-it-yourself route, however when they do, it would take a whole lot of patience on their part and a touch of particularity and meticulousness that would ensure that their wedding event would be a success. Having a DIY wedding comes with many perks as for one, it gives your event that unique and personalized feel and more often than not, it gives your guest that sense of wonder of being at a distinctive wedding they have never been to before. This in itself would already make your big day memorable.

Of course, when couples do take this route, they need to understand that they cannot do everything alone. For one, it would probably be the best tack to leave the catering to the professionals for the wedding event unless they have a relatively small affair wherein a small potluck would be sufficient. One thing couples going for this route should consider is the fact that though they have elected to do DIY, they would also need to seek the help of professionals however minimally just so there is a streamlined flow during their wedding day. So, for those affianced couples considering a DIY wedding, here are a few tips to make your wedding day memorable.


You may have wanted to do everything by yourself but consider that hiring a planner (even for just a limited time) would eventually pay off. These professionals do not necessarily have to be with you every step of the way if you are truly considering on doing everything by yourself or are on a tight budget. What they can do for you, however, in a limited amount of time, is offer you creative ideas and options that would likely fit your budget which would all be largely DIY. These are the options that you and your spouse-to-be can pull off without so much of a direction and would not need a professional in order to accomplish. Going for this route would certainly save you a lot of time in planning and brainstorming wedding plans.


If you are really bent on doing it all on your own, you need a good place to start—an aspect in your wedding which would make the other facets of your wedding fall into place. To figure out what this is, it is best if you and your spouse-to-be first come up with an ideal budget for your wedding, look into how much you are willing to spend and how many people you would want to invite. These two are directly proportional to each other, so make sure they coincide and are in congruence to each other. From there, you would have a sense of what type of wedding would suit you best.


The same advice goes for enlisting the help of your friends. Consider that someone who is emotionally invested in your wedding may lack the necessary objective judgment needed to handle the process smoothly. The reality is, you will have a lot of trouble voicing out your concerns and dislikes when it comes to scrutinizing the choices your relatives have made for you because you are constrained to play polite so as to avoid hurting their feelings. If you truly want to enlist the help of a relative or a friend, be discerning enough in doing so and make sure you are both clear on your terms as to what you want for your wedding.


No matter how prepared you are, there will be things that may go wrong and these are inevitable. However, this should not deter you from having a grand day, what you can do instead is to prepare adequately for this. Have contingency plans and be prepared for every scenario that may occur.


Always remember that no wedding is perfect, and yours would not be either. However, that does not mean that there are no beautiful weddings and in fact, yours will be. Just keep everything in perspective, enjoy the planning process and remember that this is a one-day event and party and at the end of the day, regardless of whether something went wrong or not, you are still getting married to the love of your life.

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How to have a Minimalist Wedding



Large weddings are all the rage.

All the frills and add-ons with a huge wedding budget seem to be trending among couples nowadays. This comes with the exhausting stress of staging a big production and would inevitably lead to incurring debts should your spending exceed the allocated budget. However, for practical couples who wish to forgo all extravagance and lavishness and opt for something a little more intimate and more economical, why not try a minimalist wedding instead?

Besides, would it not be a more practical approach to splurge on your honeymoon and save on an affair that would roughly last four hours? Additionally, would it not be better to enter a union that is debt free and in essence, would be worry free from financial stress?  True enough, the perks and benefits of having a minimalist wedding are insurmountable but that does not mean your wedding is going to be less grand or memorable. No, you are still very much capable of having a memorable and wonderful wedding minus the hefty price tag, what is imperative is that you consider what is essential and important to you and your spouse to be. Of course, the wedding does not have to be stripped down to its barest essentials; the key is to strike a balance between what you want and need and striking an appropriate balance. And once everything is in place, you will soon food that you still achieved your dream wedding at such a lesser cost. So, for those of you thinking of having a minimalist wedding, eyes here and incorporate the ideas below into your big day.

Make decisions based on what you like as a couple.

And not to try and impress other people. Remember, the wedding is all about you and not about the guests attending your event. If you want to host a potluck event instead of having a wedding catering, then do not let anyone stop you from having it. This is your wedding and the choices you make should be because you and your spouse to be choose it to be so. Decisions based on what you have observed in other’s people wedding will result not only into a steeper wedding bill, but a less authentic wedding.

Eliminate the unnecessary and focus on what is important

This is essentially why you are holding a minimalist wedding. It is because you want to do away with the frills and other excess that big and grand weddings have. Remember not to get sidetracked by the suggestions of your family, relatives or friends and have a better resolve in deciding what is best for you on your wedding day. When you feel like you are about to be sidetracked, always remind yourself of which is more important to you—a grand ceremony or a better honeymoon with your soon to be spouse?

Have a budget and stick to it

Ideally, you should be well aware of what is important to you before you can have a budget. To arrive at one, determine the costs of each and every single of your imperatives and then add everything up. If you have a budget ceiling in mind, try to see if the total sum of your items listed would not exceed it. If it does, go back to step one and eliminate those that you have included that are unnecessary and if you are still way over your budget, determine the ways you may want to take to avoid going into debt ( taking a second temporary job, asking a family member to help out, looking for cheaper options, compromising, etc.)

Forgo Traditions

Instead of giving your guests a tangible invitation, why not opt to go digital instead? Take advantage of technology by emailing them or by orchestrating a Facebook event where all of your guests can congregate and intermingle online. Keep your guest list intimate and as much as possible limit to close friends and family members. Opt for a hassle-free reception without staff and have your guests serve themselves—the possibilities are endless, you just need to think out of the box.

Keep it simple

Having a minimalistic wedding is about not stressing the details and keeping everything modest yet inordinately beautiful in its own way. Whether it may be your décor, dress, reception, suit or whatever aspect in your wedding, remember to keep it low key.


Celebrating your big day does not mean you have to go broke for the rest of the days you will both love as a couple. Remember, there is beauty in simplicity and a certain uniqueness in weddings that do not try so hard and are unassuming when it comes to details. And who are we to tell if you might influence your engaged to try a minimalist approach to their wedding and start a new trend.

December Wedding Food Ideas



December weddings make for a lot of theme ideas.

You can go with the traditional winter wonderland theme or go with the obvious which is in sync with the holiday spirit and go for a Christmas theme. Well, whatever your theme may be, you may want to exploit the season by giving your wedding menu that would most certainly fit your wedding theme. Take advantage of the season by utilizing a delightful menu filled with mouthwatering food and dishes that are sure to keep your guests satiated, toasty and would inspire them to dance on the wedding dance floor.

Consider a visionary themed menu and break away from the traditional and ask your wedding caterer to craft you a menu like no other. From your hor ‘d oeuvres, your cocktails, and desserts, consider these top winter menu on your December wedding.


Complement your wedding champagne with hearty food classics that your caterers can easily fulfill. Reminisce old times and take a fond trip down memory lane by asking your caterer to include whimsical takes on your childhood favorites. Ask your caterer to have waiters pass trays of scrumptious bites served in small portions such as spoonfuls of breadcrumb-coated mac and cheese, small forks of spaghetti and meatballs or Panini lollipops (Panini on a stick). Additionally, you can ask your waiters to serve appetizers such as soup on shot glasses with triangular cheese bites.


To stick with your winter or Christmas wedding theme, serving toasty and hearty soups is imperative and should be your first course. To start off with some of the wintry soup favorites, choose butternut squash with pumpernickel croutons, potato-leek coupled with amaretto crème Fraiche or a rich cheddar potato. Of course, you need to complement your soups with salads with extra seasonal additions such as cranberries, pears, and walnuts. Serve a combination of soup and salad at your wedding by having your caterer place a small bowl of soup on one end of your plate and salad on the other end. If you are serving your food buffet style, consider surrounding the bowl of soup with salad.


You wedding food should feature main entrees that are more inventive and gourmet if you want an appropriate winter theme option for your food. Main entrees should consist of classic filet mignon that undoubtedly remains to be a favorite, but complement it with roasted spuds on the side in lieu of mashed potatoes. Additionally, you might want to consider getting a risotto cake, wasabi whipped potatoes or a purple potato pancake. Or you might want to give your main entrees a fresh new spin by opting out of the traditional steak and potatoes idea and give your guests a tasting menu that would consist of six or seven small courses. This typically starts with a simple soup such as a pumpkin soup followed by a fish course such as baked salmon and finished off with a meat course like lamb chops.


Of course, no wedding menu is complete without vegetarian options; you may have vegan guests after all. Instead of crafting a rather boring array of vegetable selections such as a plate of roasted eggplant and mushrooms, ask your wedding caterer to put equal effort into crafting a great vegetable menu as they did on the main entrees. Serve a jumbo Portobello stuffed with cornbread, wild mushrooms, and truffle. Your caterer can be inventive with pasta dishes as well by opting to use whole wheat, spelt or spinach in lieu of plain pasta.


Be crafty in serving desserts by utilizing self-service candy bars that would serve a dual purpose: dessert and a party favor. However, take it up a notch and adhere to your wedding theme by opting to choose an array of all white desserts. This can range from something as nondescript as white M&Ms; white chocolate covered strawberries, white cakes, white coated chocolate mints, etc. If you want to serve this as a party favor, have your guests scoop their favorites to take home with them in a clear take-out box embellished with you and your spouse’s initials and a logo that is fitting to your theme.


Considering a themed wedding? Then incorporate the changes above and give not only your wedding that stylish touch but your wedding food as well.