Get Hitched without Breaking the Bank

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When thinking of weddings, we immediately think of the damages. It will cost us the venue, guest list, gowns and suits, invites, food among other things. Then, there’s the theme to think about. A whimsical wedding at Blue Gardens, Quezon … Continue reading

Here’s a Mini Checklist Before You Walk the Aisle

This is a simple checklist to keep your head in the game. Preparing ahead of time is key to pulling off anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure no details are missed on during the big day. Continue reading

Four Ways to Make Your Weddings Look Luxe and Expensive on a Budget


“This is your wedding day. Do what you love. Invite the people you want. Dance to the songs that bring you most joy. Eat the best food you will ever have. Be the king and queen of the rest of your life. Enjoy all moments. Share the photographs with your children and grandchildren. Most of all, spend the rest of your days with the person you love.” -Anonymous

“There are no perfect weddings, just beautiful ones” -Anonymous


Almost every woman in existence has dreamed about what her wedding would look like and some of them would even have most of the details nailed down by the time they reach their teens. Some may like it big, grand and dramatic while some would prefer and intimate but sophisticated setting yet regardless of what kind of wedding you want to take place, a budget is undoubtedly needed. However, brides-to-be nowadays are under the erroneous impression that throw a beautiful wedding, you would need a rather large-scale budget and that those with financial and budget constraints or inflexible budgets would have to settle for something substandard.

This is absolutely not the case as there are ways to stay in your budget and throw an elegant and luxurious wedding party sans breaking the bank. Keep in mind though that with limited funds, prioritization is key and knowing which elements of the wedding are most important to you will be crucial when it comes to planning and allocating funds appropriately. Your initial bet into the wedding planning phase should be looking for wedding packages that might suit your taste (there are a lot of wedding packages in the Philippines that would cater to your needs). From there, you can follow these tips:


1.) When in doubt, opt for simplicity

No matter how beautiful you want your wedding to be, if you go overboard with the wedding decors, you are going to end up with a clutter and there is nothing tackier than that. If you are working with a strict budget, keep your wedding decorations simple and streamlined. Make the details simple and do not go overboard by executing a lot of DIY details that are better handled by the professionals. Elegance does not mean overabundance, so decorate minimally and simply but beautifully.

2.) Plan your floral decor strategically

Without a doubt, flowers would be one of the most important decors of a wedding. They are essential in beautifying a reception hall and the church, but they are also one of the most expensive items you would need for a wedding. To make sure you do not run up your bill with the florist, be strategic as to how and where you would put your flowers and what kind of variety they will be. Be smart with your choices and do not go for expensive flowers where you can get more on cheaper flowers for roughly the same price.

3.) Try your hand at DIY

Though it is not advisable to go fully DIY on your wedding decors, there are some aspects where you can dabble in a bit of DIY. If you are unsure about this, then go for the simplest and safest wedding decor you can possibly do yourself: Paper items. Handle the making of menus, seating cards, invitations and ceremony programs by yourself. At least in this way, you would not only be saving yourself the extra money, you would also be giving your wedding decors an interesting quirk by having done it by hand which your guests will surely appreciate.

4.) Limit your guest list

There is a huge difference between planning an elegant wedding with the same budget for 150 guests and throwing a wedding party with 70 guests in an attendance–the latter is a lot more possible while the former would have to make do with whatever shortcuts and compromises they can make. More often than not, a lavish wedding coupled with a lengthy guest list and a shoestring budget is just hardly possible so it would be advisable to crop your guest list. Spreading your small budget over a large number of guests would constrain you to cut corners and forego the things you originally want just to accommodate more guests. Having a smaller guest list on a budget on the other hand, would give you an avenue for having an intimate yet unforgettable experience.

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue


Much of what contributes to the success and failure of your wedding venue has to do with where you have decided to hold it. You may have everything picked out from your bridal gown, the entourage’s bridal gown, the ring picked out, the date down to the rough idea of your guest estimate, but you have not chosen an appropriate venue as of the moment. It is pivotal to consider where you want your wedding venue to be held months before the wedding as this will play a very pivotal factor on how you and your wedding coordinator would play things out during your wedding reception.

Before anything else, your initial step should be to know whether you want a destination wedding or a hometown wedding. This would prevent you from wasting time shopping venues all over and help you consider which venues would be best. Once you have that covered, then take a gander at all the venues that are available within the area but before you make any kind of cash exchange or form any lasting attachment with the rustic feel of the garden venue you just visited, there are vital things you have to consider.


Though your wedding venue does not really dictate how the rest of your wedding logistics would go, as far as your style is concerned, it is imperative that your venue would be able to handle it. Whether you are aiming for a rustic feel, a traditional and formal tone. A blow-out bash or boho, whichever style you and your partner would choose would play a very important factor in determining where you would host your celebration. Some venues regularly host weddings and would be equipped to host a wedding party. However, if you choose a totally off-beat venue, you may find they will be severely lacking in equipment to accommodate your wedding needs which would leave you and your coordinator with much to do.


Early on, you may not have a good grasp of how many guests you will be seating for your event, but at least have a rough estimate and add a bit more (consider that some guests may bring uninvited visitors or their kids). From this, take a realistic look at your budget as well and try to look for wedding venues that would accommodate both your guest list and the wedding budget you have.


After you have a list of possible venues for your wedding and being visiting each of them, you may find yourself attracted to the idea of having your ceremony in the space consider the visual aesthetics it holds. Stop or slow down. Do not hastily make decisions right away and consider everything that is written on your list. The venue you may have chosen may have all the visual appeal you can dream of, but lacks the necessary equipment or factors to complete the logistics of having a wedding at that venue.


You and your spouse may want to serve your wedding guests a very specific menu from a caterer you have both chosen, but do take note that not every venue would allow you to bring in your own caterer. Some venues would constrain you to choose from their in-house menus which they would serve to your guests. Some venues would give you much leverage on this one and may not be as strict as the others. But before deciding on a venue, make sure this is something you would consider.


Visit all the potential events place in Quezon city or wherever you may want your wedding to be. Once you have sifted your list of wedding venues to two or three frontrunners, go back and give them another visit. Have they retained the same charm? Do they check every requirement you have on your list? Logistical and stylistic-wise? Can it hold all of your guests and do you think you are getting a bang for your buck by booking this place? After you have answered all these, visit the place around the same time you will be using it for your wedding ceremony/reception and see how it looks. Observe the lighting and if the aesthetic feel of the space is still the same.

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Wedding Ceremony: Five (5) Tips To Planning An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

There are several considerations to take note of when you’re planning for a wedding ceremony. After all, this is the main core of the whole occasion. This is the most revered moment as you swore in front of everyone that – in sickness or health, in richer or poorer, only death can do you part. In order for it to be unforgettable, you have to look past through the usual details such as budget, theme and venue. You can go as simple as holding it inside a barn or as grand as having it in a sophisticated location like The Oasis.

wedding ceremonyHere is a quick checklist to help you decide which ceremonial type is best suited for you and your partner. Learn how you can maximize these tips so you can attain that perfect experience you’re dreaming of.

  1. Identify the basics. What comprises the service? Of course, there’s the music and processional, the readings and sermon, the declaration of intent, the exchange of vows and the pronouncement of marriage. Once you know the fundamentals, you can easily weigh which among them are sure-must and which you can let go and how you can rearrange the sequence if need arises.
  2. Make up your mind between traditional vs. non-traditional. Depending on your preference, personality, and status, which would you rather go to? Would you pick something religious with the priest or pastor giving you the blessings inside the house of worship? Would you approach it in a social manner like having it in The Glass Garden officiated by a close relative with hundreds of visitors to celebrate the union? Perhaps, your fiancé served in the armed forces therefore it would be wise to do a unique and military-inspired celebration. If you have different beliefs and denominations, you can have it custom-designed so you would meet in the middle and make it spiritually memorable.
  3. Talk to your officiant. Whether you choose a friend or a minister to preside the sacred rites, you need to communicate with him about the flow of the event. How will he craft, prepare and perform it like a pro? Can you add a personal touch into it like writing your own vow? Form a bond with him so he’ll understand your vision. Be open and ask for his suggestions and advice.
  4. Personalize based on culture. Consider your backgrounds when you layout the important elements to include in the timeline. Do you belong in the same race or religion? Will you use bible verses during the reading or lean towards classic spiritual passages, poetry or romantic anthologies? Will gold or silver rings be the proper symbol for your eternal commitment or will an heirloom necklace be equally meaningful?
  5. Include the people that matters to you. If you’ve grown up in an environment full of close-knit families or if you are more of a symbolic kind of person, maybe you can have an aunt or uncle join the entourage and light the candles instead. Your mother can read something so it would be especially heart-felt while his father can do a musical performance as tribute to both of you. Gain their support as they are there not only as casual observers, but as integral witnesses as you take on the first step of building your own family.

Wedding Photography: Must-Take Shot List During The Wedding Proper

It is recommended that every couple should have a shot list in mind when they scout for the person who’d do their photographs. In this way, aside from the usual must-takes, the photographer would also know if the special requests and preferences made are possible and doable. Whether it’s a catholic wedding on a historic place like Binondo Church or San Agustin Church, an intimate garden affair on The Glass Garden or The Oasis, or it would be done on a secluded beach in the magnificent Boracay Island or Colon, Palawan, here is a quick checklist of the portions during the ceremony that are most essential to take.

Wedding-Limousine-300x202The limo and its arrival. The occasion officially begins as soon as the bride and groom arrive on the venue. The initial glimpse is comparable to a love story caught on film just waiting to unfold.

  • Guests arriving and the ushers guiding them to their seats.
  • Everyone’s expressions. Search for raw emotions and unguarded moments.
  • The groom’s limo from afar and up close.
  • The bride’s limo from afar and up close.
  • Him exiting his limousine.
  • Her stepping out of the bridal car. Her right leg on the ground while the rest of the body still inside. Close-up expression as soon as she sees everybody.
  • Spectators’ faces on the first view of her.

During the ceremony.

  • The choir and the processional music area.
  • The groom waiting at the altar with his bestman and the church official.
  • The procession. Groomsmen and bridesmaids partnered with each other as they march towards their seats one at a time. The ring bearer and flower girl following closely. The whole entourage.
  • The bride with her father walking down the aisle. Her side profile, front and back. The future husband’s face upon seeing his lady for the first time.
  • The father giving away his daughter. Her mom gazing from a distance.
  • The holding of hands.
  • The priest or minister officiating the wedding. If applicable, the bible readers, the chalice being raised, the sign of peace and receipt of communion.
  • The exchange of rings and vows. Zoom in to their hands and rings to capture the essence of the union. The looks they’re wearing while uttering their promises. Their parents’ emotion in between.
  • The kiss. Close-up and otherwise.
  • Them being introduced to everyone as man and wife. People clapping and happy.
  • In groups and with family in front of the altar. Optional.
  • The couple leaving. Flying confetti and birdseed thrown and showered. Well wishes from attendees.
  • The newlyweds on their way to the reception.

Wedding Photography: Five (5) Bridal Tips On How To Look Radiant On Your Photos

The beauty of your wedding photos doesn’t rely on your photography service’s technical skills alone. A good photographer can only do much. Majority of it lies on your hands as you are the subject of the photograph. Here are five (5) bridal tips on how to be radiant on your special day.

1. It’s all about how you feel. Be yourself. Enjoy! Don’t be self-conscious. Concentrate on joyful and positive thoughts. What has the future in store for you? As you contemplate this, your feelings will show. Why did you hold the nuptial in a historic church like Nuestra Señora de Gracia, for example? Did you decide on this for sentimental reasons? Think back similar situations so that your expression will reflect your emotions and translate back to the camera. What excites you mainly in this new chapter of your life? Would it be your honeymoon? Be playful. Let your enthusiasm demonstrate your passion. This is especially helpful in times of candid shots.

nuestra seniora 2. Get comfortable with the camera. During engagement and photo shoots, wear comfortable clothes that complement your appearance. Collaborate with your photographer and build a rapport so you will appear relaxed on your pictures. For the duration of the ceremony though, it would be wise to forget that the camera exists so you wouldn’t consistently check yourself and instead, remain focused on seizing the moment.

photo shoot3. Take advantage of the power of make-ups. General rule of thumb: keep makeup and eyelashes normal and classic. Choose brown mascara over black and make sure that it is waterproof. For lipstick, opt for a lasting lip color. If there’s none available, select a shade that is closer to the groom’s tux so it would blend well with his looks. For the foundation, match it with your skin tone and double-check how it comes out in natural and artificial lights. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken as a zombie in front of a cam, would you? Use highlighters and subtle peachy pink blush to get that blushing glow. For an evening garden affair in a venue such as The Oasis, apply dramatic eye makeup and light-colored glossy lipstick.

the power of make-ups4. Strike a pose. Practice in front of the mirror and see which pose highlights your best features. With hand on hip, which body posture would emphasize your long legs and slim waist? Where do you angle your face so it would be most complimentary? Would turning to the left display your dimples more? Which type of smile expresses your greatest joy – the one showing teeth or otherwise? Always keep your heads up and never look down.

strike a pose5. Avoid stressing yourself. Accidents happen all the time so save yourself the trouble of getting stressed. Have a white chalk in hand in case your gown gets stained. Ask your partner to have a hanky available so to wipe your sweat anytime. An oil-dabbing strip on his pocket is a good choice as well.

avoid stress