Five Things to Keep in Mind When Writing A Wedding Vow


“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -Sam Keen


There are a lot of things to consider for a wedding: the venue for one, the catering, the menu, the wedding package in the Philippines you selected, the wedding dress—those among a myriad of other stuff you have to consider. You will be surprised however that what is mentioned in the preceding sentence is just a fraction of the entirety of your entire wedding day. With all this considered, it is almost a guarantee that there would be details you would overlook or worse, forget. Especially one that some might consider negligible like your wedding vows. Without a doubt, saying your wedding vows to your partner would take little to no time at all, but do take note that to them, this might be the best part of your wedding day.

In fact, what you might say in your wedding vows might contain the reasons why you both are getting married in the first place! So, with that in consideration, planning and writing out your wedding vows should be given as much importance as planning your wedding is. After all, you are only going through this wedding day once, and you might never get another appropriate moment to utter those promises to your partner, so be meticulous about your speech and make it with deliberate attention to how you feel for your partner.

Otherwise here are some things you should consider when writing your vows:

1.) Decide if you want to write it together

You wedding vow does not have to be a surprise spiel your spouse gets to hear only on the wedding day. However, if you wish it to be, there is also no harm in that—either way, you decide is the right way. These are your vows after all. However, even if you do decide to write it together, add a little element of surprise in your speech so that you are not really giving everything away before your big day. Consider the type of couple you and your partner are—if you like oversharing or are a bit conservative so that you will both be on the same page in writing your vows.

2.) Pick a structure you can both use as a jumping point

You and your partner can be vowing more or less similar things, and this is not necessarily a bad thing to consider. However, to have a semblance of clarity and organization in your overall speech. Come up with a structure or a phrase that you both use as a jumping point such as saying, “I promise” before your vows or “I vow”. Alternatively, you can share anecdotes about your relationship with your partner and after which, you can say your vows. Whichever way works fine.

3.) Decide on a realistic word-count maximum

While proclaiming your love to your partner without any constraints or limitations of any kind might seem like an excellent idea, you do not want your guests to doze off. They might be happy to witness your love and your union, but they are not exactly receptive to sitting through a thirty-minute vow. Set limitations such as putting a cap on your word count. Try to stay within that limit and avoid veering away from the topic.

4.) Include details

Make sure that your spiel would not sound like a generic piece of content someone might mistake for something you got off the Internet. Your speech has to be inspired, and it has to be personal. Pulling an inspired and personal speech compels you to include some details that might have symbolized your relationship. What made you fall for your partner? What are the things you do that they appreciate? From there, craft a speech that is suitably appropriate for you and your partner.

5.) Your vows are for you and your partner

Your vows do not necessarily have to sound like vows. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and it should be definitive of how you and your partner are as a couple. If you wish to read a sonnet, read out and essay, sing or rap your vows, you can do so provided that this is the kind of couple you and your partner are. Your vows should sound like you—especially since you are making promises to your spouse.

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Kid’s Party 101: The Best Birthday Games That Won’t Cost You a Dime!

Children’s parties vary tremendously from an adult’s. Unlike a typical dinner soiree an adult hosts, a kid’s party is a myriad of various entertainment shows and of course, games. While an array of appropriate kiddie food should still be served, the party games kids will play are more integral to the occasion. After all, it is how you keep the kids from getting rowdy and bored and entertained as well. So, before you book a suitable birthday party venue for kids, it might be a good idea to come up with a list of party games your kids and their guests can play on his or her birthday party. While there are some games listed below that would require supplies, they are objects commonly found in the house. Furthermore, it is rather easy to improvise if you have another item in similar or opt to play the game in a variation of your own.

The games listed down below can be played by both kids and adults so that each and every single one of your guests is guaranteed to have a good time. Here are some of the best games you can play during your child’s birthday party:

1.) Treasure Hunt Game

The treasure hunt birthday party game is not only fun, it is easy to conduct as well—and you would only need the items you already have in your homes. Give your party guests a list of clues as to where they can find the “treasures” situated in various areas around your house or yard. Another way of playing this game is to lead your guests in several places in your home one clue at a time until they finally reach the ultimate treasure.

2.) Button-Button

If you want a bit more flair to your party games, then perhaps letting your guests play detective might be all you need to let them enjoy hours and hours of fun. Button, button, who has got the button? While this might be an uncommon party game, it is incredibly simple and straightforward that even your young guests will enjoy it. All you would need is a single button. The mechanics of the game are rather easy, just have one child at the center while the rest of the kids circle him with their hands and palms together as they pass the button. The child at the center closes his or her eyes while the children who are circling him pass the button around, then after a while, the child at the center would have to guess which child has the button.

3.) Charades

Charades is a fantastic game to play—whether you are a child or an adult. Think of age-appropriate things to have your little guests guess about. Alternatively, you can have a birthday theme for your kid’s party and think of relevant stuff to include in your game of charades.

4.) Marco Polo

If you have a pool, the mechanics of the game need not change. However, if you do not, this game can be modified to be just as fun on land as it is on water. All you would need is several sets of blindfolds and utilize the same rules the game has on water. Have the children blindfolded call out “Marco” while the child designated as “Marco Polo” should echo back “Polo” every single time.

5.) Dress Up Relay Race

Make your relay races a bit more fun and interesting by adding a bit of flair. Instead of having your guests compete in relay races the usual manner, let them compete for these races where they pile on clothes and accessories laid out. Make sure the clothes and accessories are relevant to the theme of your party.

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Party Planning 101: Five Tips to Creating An Excellent Guest List


“A balanced guest list of mixed elements is to a successful party what the seasoning is to a culinary triumph.” -Lentia Baldridge

A wise adage about successful parties has one said that, “The most successful event is the one that achieves your goal and exceeds your expectations”. But this sentiment begs the question, how do you plan an event that does exactly two things? How do you put together a party that accomplishes what you want by the time it ends and succeeds spectacularly beyond your dreams? Well, part of it is having a solid plan, a good and appropriate venue and more than enough food. However, your invitees would also play a pivotal role to the success or failure of an event. For this reason, you might want to be a little particular and meticulous about how you create your guest list. You might think that this is a negligible aspect when it comes to party planning, but whether you are throwing a children’s party with a fun ranch party package, or a party exclusive to adults, your guests’ presence would matter as they would contribute to how a party will go.

To create a good guest list, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1.) Consider the mix

In creating your guest list, be extra mindful of the guests you invite and take into account what their interests are. In the same vein, try to invite guests who are within the same age group—after all, you cannot expect your teenaged guests to blend in and get along well with adults who are well into their fifties. Choose guests who you know would appreciate your invitation and actually make a conscious effort to contribute to the overall success of your party.

2.) Send your invitations the traditional way

While sending invitations through email or social media’s event invites might be a lot more convenient, and faster, there is a likely chance it will get ignored. Additionally, sending it digitally can cause a myriad of headaches as guest-list management is a lot more complicated when you do it over social media. Inviting your friends digitally would cause some of your uninvited friends to question why they were not invited and may hurt their feelings. Avoid this by using paper invitations.

3.) Do not let others bully you

“But, are you not going to invite all your cousins?”, “What about my friends from the health club? Are they not coming?”, These are just common statements from people who bully you into inviting more people—particularly people who are in the social sphere and not yours. This is especially true for weddings. However, if a relative or friend is pressuring you to invite more guests, politely tell them that it is your party and not theirs. In any case, you should not yield to any kind of pressure to supersize your guest list—whether it comes from a relative or your friends. After all, at the end of the day, you are the one who is going to be paying the event—not them.

4.) Give your single guests the option to bring dates if they have partners

While you are not obligated to extend the invitation to the romantic partners of your guests, you should at least be consistent. Do not give one guest that option while denying it to another. If you grant this option to one guest, make sure it is an option available to all single guests. Remember to include “and guest” in the designation of their invitations should you decide to let your single guests bring their plus ones.

5.) Beware the snowball effect

There is no rule in etiquette dictating that you should invite all the guests of your wedding to your kid’s christening party. If your budget dictates otherwise, invite only the people who you want to be in your party.

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Baptism 101: Four Things to Consider in Choosing Godparents


“A Godparent is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.” -Unknown Author

One of the biggest milestones in life is having a child of your own. As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to rear and guide your children while they are growing up. However, this immense task is not an endeavor parents alone should shoulder, it is a responsibility in fact extended to godparents. Selecting godparents for your child is an integral task before a child’s baptism day, in fact, it is of paramount interest to a child’s upbringing. This is because a godparent’s duty is not only limited to gracing your child’s christening day, but they will also be those persons responsible for providing guidance as well as life lessons to your child. From this alone, it can be readily assumed that a godparent’s role in life is significant so choose godparents well. So, before you start choosing the best baptismal packages in Quezon City, be meticulous in choosing godparents as role models for your children with some of the things to consider below:

1.) Know if they want kids or how they feel about children

Having children is not a universal choice every person would make and not every person would want that kind of responsibility. This is not to say, however, that individuals who do not want kids would not make worthy godparents and role models, however, it gives you something to consider. Individuals have varied attitudes when it comes to children, and it may differ significantly from yours. Before selecting a godparent, make sure your views regarding children align as some of your relatives and friends would just agree to avoid hurting your feelings. A pivotal question to ask yourself would be, as someone who does not want children, will they make themselves available for yours?

2.) Know what your expectations from a godparent are

In these modern times, most godparents are seen as benefactors who would give children extraordinary presents during birthdays and other significant occasions. However, this should not always be the case. As a parent, you should know and be clear about what your expectations are. After all, for some parents, being a godparent is a huge responsibility—one that merits an honest one-on-one conversation. Let a potential godparent know what yours are to avoid disappointment later on.

3.) Consider those who live close to you

While relationships can be formed and maintained across the globe thanks to the massive innovations in digital technology, it is not similar to the relationships you do have with persons who live close by. Your child will have a stronger bond with a person who he or she can talk to on a regular basis, or who they can see from time to time. This ensures that the godparent would also be fulfilling his or her duty as a role model. After all, would it not be better if during momentous occasions during your child’s life, their godparents can be present for that as well?

4.) Know their level of commitment

As a parent, you are committed to your child by default. With this in mind, backtrack and contemplate about the expectations and the kind of commitment you want from your child’s godparent. Would you want them to make an effort to spend time with your child? Remember, as said above, being a godparent extends beyond the responsibility of being present during holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. It means the people you have selected would want to become an integral part of your parenting journey. The individuals you have selected should understand that they are not only bystanders in your child’s life but critical members in raising them as well.


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Four Elements of A Traditional Filipino Debut


“It does not matter if you accomplished what was expected if you are capable of more” -Alexa Leigh Corbett

One of the quintessential rites of passage a female Filipino goes through her life is the celebration of her 18th birthday or her debut party. In a sense, it is the symbolic celebration of a Filipino girl’s transition into a woman as well as her formal launch to society. It is a coming of age party that denotes her maturity and her introduction to the modern and adult world. But apart from that, it is also filled with lighthearted and entertaining moments that would make for poignant memories in the years to come. Indeed, it is one of the grandest events that a Filipino girl would look forward to most of her teenage life. In fact, some of these girls have been meticulously planning this once in a lifetime soiree for years–down to every detail.

However, just what is it that makes an eighteenth birthday or debut characteristically Filipino? What are the elements that would make you identify it as one? Well, if you have been to a debut more than once then you may have noticed some similarities among them—some features that are always present. From the debut packages to the event’s program, there are a lot of things that makes an eighteenth birthday debut party truly Filipino, and here are just some of them:

1.) Eighteen Roses

Every Filipino woman selects eighteen of her closest male friends who would normally consist of her male relatives, boyfriend, and her dad. These eighteen lads would present the debutante with a rose as a symbolic favor so that she, in turn, would grant them dance. The usual practice was that it is the debutante’s father who gets to have the first dance and her boyfriend would be the last. However, debutantes can now choose to have a father and daughter dance entirely on its own so that you can give that special spotlight to your father instead of having him join the queue of eighteen roses. If you want a quirky or different twist, there is no absolute need to use roses or even dance the waltz. You can have a choreographed dance and utilize other flowers instead.

2.) Eighteen Treasures

Some of the debutante’s closest eldest relatives and friends are chosen for this segment. This is the part of the program wherein the eighteen selected individuals would bequeath a gift that would aid the debutante in her journey to adulthood. In most cases, the presentation of the gift is usually accompanied with a speech as to why it was chosen for the debutante and how it would aid her in her travails. Additionally, it would also be great if these individuals could impart anecdotes as well as sagely advice to the debutante.

3.) Eighteen Candles

The eighteen candles are symbolic of the light that is going to be guiding you as you take your journey towards adulthood. This is where the debutante chooses eighteen of her closest female friends and relatives who would impart advice, give her well-wishes and share stories along with a lighted candle. Make this part of the program even more festive by giving your candles a creative touch such as placing them in elaborate candle holders, or utilizing lanterns or anything else instead.

4.) Cotillion De Honor

In the debut party, the Cotillion De Honor is one of the main highlights of the event. It is that segment of the debut which marks the welcome of the debutante to adulthood. The cotillion de honor consist of nine female and nine male friends—a group of eighteen people that includes you and your escort. Traditionally, a choreographed dance by the cotillion would signify that the party is about to begin and it is how the debutante makes her grand entrance. Most modern debuts have done away with the waltz and have incorporated modern music, and dance moves into the cotillion dance instead.


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Weddings 101: Four Common Gripes of Wedding Guests


“A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast.” -Friedrich Schiller

You have invited them to your wedding, guaranteed them seats, offered them drinks and food and had decided that they are important enough to be on your most special day–and yet amidst all of this, they find something to complain about. From your standpoint, it may seem unreasonable, but if you want a great wedding experience, you should pay heed. The truth is, while your wedding day should be first and foremost all about you and your spouse, your guest’s experience and overall enjoyment are paramount to a memorable and fond affair. For this reason, it is imperative that you take note of what your guests particularly enjoy to see if you can accommodate what these are. Remember, part of what makes a successful wedding event is the support and presence of your guests so do ensure that they would have a splendid time during your wedding day. So, in looking for the best wedding package in the Philippines, do consider your guests as well.

To give you a brief idea of what your guests may not like or may not be overly fond of, here is a list of some of the most common wedding guest gripes:

1.) An inconvenient date

In a magical land wherein weddings go smoothly without a hitch, everyone can be universally available on the same date. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your wedding date. Try as you might, there is absolutely no date wherein all of your guests can be readily free. However, there are ways you can compromise. Do not book dates wherein you know there is a big event coming up such as worldwide holidays and the like. Though you might not be able to factor in every birthday, anniversary and the like when looking at venue availability, at least steer clear from major events that affect large numbers of people.

2.) Plus ones

Weddings are expensive, and for this reason, a strict headcount is needed so is budgeting whenever possible and sensible. However, there is a difference between forcing your unmarried friends to bask in your happiness alone and giving them the option to take a date who would enjoy the revelry with them. You might think that surely they can stomach it in and smile through it for just one day, but at the very least you would come off as insensitive. Needless to say, this is not the best tack for cost-cutting either. While you need not openly declare that your single guests cannot bring dates, do welcome your guests who have significant others to bring their plus ones to share the day.

3.) Long winded speeches

The common human has a short attention span, and while your guests may trying to be polite during an unusually long drone of wedding speeches, they are internally bored and could not wait to get it over with. Your guests are human as well, and they can become restless and distracted—particularly if you have wedding guests who brought their small tots with them. To keep it fun and entertaining, let your guests join in the fun by putting betting cards on each table trying to guess how long the speeches will take. In this way, they would be looking forward to the speeches instead of dreading them.

4.) Ungracious hosts

Remember that your guests took time off their schedules and some may have even flown all the way from out of town just to celebrate your special day. Considering this, it would only be right if you give your guests an appropriate “thank you”. You do not necessarily need to ask them to stand in queue while you individually give them your gratitude, but at least during the reception, do go from table to table and greet your guests. Have a few photos taken with them and mingle; it is the very least you can do. After all, you do not want your wedding guests to feel like mere observers instead of actual participants to your wedding day.


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Debut Decorum 101: How Guests Should Conduct Themselves in Four Ways


“Maturity does not always come with age, in fact, it is deeper than age. It is about the way you see and understand things. The way you consider others. The way you communicate. The way you reach. The things you value. The things you entertain. The way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows old, but not everyone is growing up” -Author Unknown

It is the moment every Filipino girl is waiting for, and it is something she has definitely dreamed of since attending her very first coming of age soiree. A Filipino’s eighteenth birthday or debut is indeed one very special occasion, it is not only a night wherein a girl gets to look and feel like a princess, but in a sense, it is like a rite of passage towards womanhood—in more ways than one. Apart from being allowed access to R-18 movies, getting a license to drive a car and finally be at a drinking age, a debut party marks the transition from a girl into a woman and in most cases, it is a girl’s grandest party in her life. In fact, the debutante’s parents would start planning and scouring for debut packages even months before the occasion is set to happen.

In several occasions, you would get invited to these parties and when you do, consider yourself as part of the exercise and practice proper decorum and embrace the etiquette. In order to conduct yourself properly as a guest, here are some of the things you must observe:

1.) Dress Right

Depending on the debutante’s theme, the invitation usually indicates the type of dress code guests is “encouraged” to wear. Though you need not exactly follow the dress code strictly, it would be the height of rudeness if a debutante invites you and you disregard the least of her wishes. Apart from adhering to the dress code suggested, it would be best if you do not try to dress in a way that would upstage the debutante in her own party. Remember, the night is all about her, and she would most likely want to feel the star of the show. Save your sultry dresses for another occasion or on your own debut party.

2.) Mingle

It might be a tad intimidating to mingle with the debutante’s friends—especially when they come in cliques, but a party is still a party. If you are not part of the debutante’s cliques or hardly know anyone in the party, take this as an opportunity to meet new people and engage in small chit-chat. You will never know, but this might be the night you will make new friends.

3.) Be patient and stay in your seat

Though a debut’s program can tend to get long winded especially after sitting through the eighteen roses, eighteen candles and eighteen treasures (and in some cases, even eighteen shots), sit through it and patient. While sitting through eighteen speeches and eighteen dances may not exactly be the most entertaining to the world, the debutante would appreciate it if you at least sat through until the end of it all. Consider that you were invited for a reason, make it a gift to the debutante instead to see through her debut and try to keep yourself awake and on your seat.

4.) Say goodbye properly

After sitting through a lengthy program and a series of dance numbers, it can be tempting to just make a quick exit when you are bored and sleepy. While you cannot wait until the program is over and leave, the least you can do is finish the program in its entirety and bid the debutante and her parents a proper farewell. It is only common courtesy after being invited after all.

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