Weddings 101: Four Common Gripes of Wedding Guests


“A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast.” -Friedrich Schiller

You have invited them to your wedding, guaranteed them seats, offered them drinks and food and had decided that they are important enough to be on your most special day–and yet amidst all of this, they find something to complain about. From your standpoint, it may seem unreasonable, but if you want a great wedding experience, you should pay heed. The truth is, while your wedding day should be first and foremost all about you and your spouse, your guest’s experience and overall enjoyment are paramount to a memorable and fond affair. For this reason, it is imperative that you take note of what your guests particularly enjoy to see if you can accommodate what these are. Remember, part of what makes a successful wedding event is the support and presence of your guests so do ensure that they would have a splendid time during your wedding day. So, in looking for the best wedding package in the Philippines, do consider your guests as well.

To give you a brief idea of what your guests may not like or may not be overly fond of, here is a list of some of the most common wedding guest gripes:

1.) An inconvenient date

In a magical land wherein weddings go smoothly without a hitch, everyone can be universally available on the same date. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your wedding date. Try as you might, there is absolutely no date wherein all of your guests can be readily free. However, there are ways you can compromise. Do not book dates wherein you know there is a big event coming up such as worldwide holidays and the like. Though you might not be able to factor in every birthday, anniversary and the like when looking at venue availability, at least steer clear from major events that affect large numbers of people.

2.) Plus ones

Weddings are expensive, and for this reason, a strict headcount is needed so is budgeting whenever possible and sensible. However, there is a difference between forcing your unmarried friends to bask in your happiness alone and giving them the option to take a date who would enjoy the revelry with them. You might think that surely they can stomach it in and smile through it for just one day, but at the very least you would come off as insensitive. Needless to say, this is not the best tack for cost-cutting either. While you need not openly declare that your single guests cannot bring dates, do welcome your guests who have significant others to bring their plus ones to share the day.

3.) Long winded speeches

The common human has a short attention span, and while your guests may trying to be polite during an unusually long drone of wedding speeches, they are internally bored and could not wait to get it over with. Your guests are human as well, and they can become restless and distracted—particularly if you have wedding guests who brought their small tots with them. To keep it fun and entertaining, let your guests join in the fun by putting betting cards on each table trying to guess how long the speeches will take. In this way, they would be looking forward to the speeches instead of dreading them.

4.) Ungracious hosts

Remember that your guests took time off their schedules and some may have even flown all the way from out of town just to celebrate your special day. Considering this, it would only be right if you give your guests an appropriate “thank you”. You do not necessarily need to ask them to stand in queue while you individually give them your gratitude, but at least during the reception, do go from table to table and greet your guests. Have a few photos taken with them and mingle; it is the very least you can do. After all, you do not want your wedding guests to feel like mere observers instead of actual participants to your wedding day.


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Debut Decorum 101: How Guests Should Conduct Themselves in Four Ways


“Maturity does not always come with age, in fact, it is deeper than age. It is about the way you see and understand things. The way you consider others. The way you communicate. The way you reach. The things you value. The things you entertain. The way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows old, but not everyone is growing up” -Author Unknown

It is the moment every Filipino girl is waiting for, and it is something she has definitely dreamed of since attending her very first coming of age soiree. A Filipino’s eighteenth birthday or debut is indeed one very special occasion, it is not only a night wherein a girl gets to look and feel like a princess, but in a sense, it is like a rite of passage towards womanhood—in more ways than one. Apart from being allowed access to R-18 movies, getting a license to drive a car and finally be at a drinking age, a debut party marks the transition from a girl into a woman and in most cases, it is a girl’s grandest party in her life. In fact, the debutante’s parents would start planning and scouring for debut packages even months before the occasion is set to happen.

In several occasions, you would get invited to these parties and when you do, consider yourself as part of the exercise and practice proper decorum and embrace the etiquette. In order to conduct yourself properly as a guest, here are some of the things you must observe:

1.) Dress Right

Depending on the debutante’s theme, the invitation usually indicates the type of dress code guests is “encouraged” to wear. Though you need not exactly follow the dress code strictly, it would be the height of rudeness if a debutante invites you and you disregard the least of her wishes. Apart from adhering to the dress code suggested, it would be best if you do not try to dress in a way that would upstage the debutante in her own party. Remember, the night is all about her, and she would most likely want to feel the star of the show. Save your sultry dresses for another occasion or on your own debut party.

2.) Mingle

It might be a tad intimidating to mingle with the debutante’s friends—especially when they come in cliques, but a party is still a party. If you are not part of the debutante’s cliques or hardly know anyone in the party, take this as an opportunity to meet new people and engage in small chit-chat. You will never know, but this might be the night you will make new friends.

3.) Be patient and stay in your seat

Though a debut’s program can tend to get long winded especially after sitting through the eighteen roses, eighteen candles and eighteen treasures (and in some cases, even eighteen shots), sit through it and patient. While sitting through eighteen speeches and eighteen dances may not exactly be the most entertaining to the world, the debutante would appreciate it if you at least sat through until the end of it all. Consider that you were invited for a reason, make it a gift to the debutante instead to see through her debut and try to keep yourself awake and on your seat.

4.) Say goodbye properly

After sitting through a lengthy program and a series of dance numbers, it can be tempting to just make a quick exit when you are bored and sleepy. While you cannot wait until the program is over and leave, the least you can do is finish the program in its entirety and bid the debutante and her parents a proper farewell. It is only common courtesy after being invited after all.

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