Beautiful Weddings: Four Indispensable Tips for the Summer Bride



“Perspective: Without a doubt, it is the most important thing that every bride should hold on to with both hands.”-Author Unknown

Weddings during the summer season sound like an excellent idea.

Sure, a little extra heat and humidity will be involved but what are all those when you get a gorgeous sunset as the background of your wedding photos or even your very first kiss as husband and wife? Indeed, the summer season makes for some very picturesque and gorgeous weddings. You just need to know how to negotiate with the unbearable heat. If you can, it comes with a lot of benefits such as having most of your guests attend seeing as most kids are out of school and bosses are a lot more lenient with vacation leaves seeing as it is the summer after all. Furthermore, you do not need to do much to enhance the aesthetics as the season is almost in accord with you. Radiant sunshine, clear blue skies, lush greenery—these are all the things that make for a perfect wedding photo. Unfortunately, there is a very likely possibility that a heat wave will be in full effect that day of your wedding. This means that to mitigate the possibility of you suffering from a heat stroke, you need to wear a breathable and weather-appropriate wedding dress—which will effectively limit your options.

However, weather concerns and inconveniences aside, summer is the perfect time to get married. So, if you are planning on being a radiant summer bride, here are some things you ought to know:

1.) Take the Party Inside

This one is a given, but it bears stressing—especially since some brides think it would be a good idea to brave the heat if it means having the best wedding photos. Should the heat be excessive, you want to protect yourself and your guests from heatstroke and reconsider your choices by opting to hold the reception indoors. Moreover, you do not want your guests to cook, sweat and feel icky underneath the heat so you might as well take it inside. Not to worry, you can still do some photo ops outside should you wish.

2.) Consider renting canopies and tents

If you absolutely insist on having an outdoor wedding, then at least offer your guests and yourself ample sun protection through tents and canopies. While it does not do much to add to the breeze, it does provide that much-needed relief to your reception attendees. Moreover, these can be particularly useful when the weather turns sour. Summer thunderstorms might happen, and when it does, you need to be prepared.

3.) Lather on the sunscreen

Regardless of what time during the day you are to celebrate your outdoor nuptials, you need to take extra care of your skin and give it some TLC. During the summer season, it can get particularly hot and if your ceremony would take place late in the day, the sun will be well past its peak damage potential. Do yourself and your guests a favor by providing ample sunscreen which they can apply and slather whenever needed. Make your wedding extra quirky and special by giving them loads of selections to choose from. Remember, you will most likely have a diverse set of guests and it is highly likely that their skin care needs would differ from one another. Be sure to include sunscreen lotion that is designed for sensitive skin, babies and children.

4.) Keep hydrated

No, liquor does not count. So consider crossing off the mobile war with the wine, cocktails, and beer off from your list. Be sure your guests are adequately hydrated—particularly if you have slated a time slot where the sun would be scorching. In this regard, you can ask servers to pass around bottles of water or other hydrating beverages to keep your guests happy and to keep them from overheating. Remember, you want your guests to remember your wedding for all the good memories they have experienced rather than the discomfort from the lack of adequate hydration.

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