Get Hitched without Breaking the Bank

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When thinking of weddings, we immediately think of the damages. It will cost us the venue, guest list, gowns and suits, invites, food among other things. Then, there’s the theme to think about. A whimsical wedding at Blue Gardens, Quezon … Continue reading

Here’s a Mini Checklist Before You Walk the Aisle

This is a simple checklist to keep your head in the game. Preparing ahead of time is key to pulling off anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure no details are missed on during the big day. Continue reading

Wedding Ceremony: Five (5) Tips To Planning An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

There are several considerations to take note of when you’re planning for a wedding ceremony. After all, this is the main core of the whole occasion. This is the most revered moment as you swore in front of everyone that – in sickness or health, in richer or poorer, only death can do you part. In order for it to be unforgettable, you have to look past through the usual details such as budget, theme and venue. You can go as simple as holding it inside a barn or as grand as having it in a sophisticated location like The Oasis.

wedding ceremonyHere is a quick checklist to help you decide which ceremonial type is best suited for you and your partner. Learn how you can maximize these tips so you can attain that perfect experience you’re dreaming of.

  1. Identify the basics. What comprises the service? Of course, there’s the music and processional, the readings and sermon, the declaration of intent, the exchange of vows and the pronouncement of marriage. Once you know the fundamentals, you can easily weigh which among them are sure-must and which you can let go and how you can rearrange the sequence if need arises.
  2. Make up your mind between traditional vs. non-traditional. Depending on your preference, personality, and status, which would you rather go to? Would you pick something religious with the priest or pastor giving you the blessings inside the house of worship? Would you approach it in a social manner like having it in The Glass Garden officiated by a close relative with hundreds of visitors to celebrate the union? Perhaps, your fiancé served in the armed forces therefore it would be wise to do a unique and military-inspired celebration. If you have different beliefs and denominations, you can have it custom-designed so you would meet in the middle and make it spiritually memorable.
  3. Talk to your officiant. Whether you choose a friend or a minister to preside the sacred rites, you need to communicate with him about the flow of the event. How will he craft, prepare and perform it like a pro? Can you add a personal touch into it like writing your own vow? Form a bond with him so he’ll understand your vision. Be open and ask for his suggestions and advice.
  4. Personalize based on culture. Consider your backgrounds when you layout the important elements to include in the timeline. Do you belong in the same race or religion? Will you use bible verses during the reading or lean towards classic spiritual passages, poetry or romantic anthologies? Will gold or silver rings be the proper symbol for your eternal commitment or will an heirloom necklace be equally meaningful?
  5. Include the people that matters to you. If you’ve grown up in an environment full of close-knit families or if you are more of a symbolic kind of person, maybe you can have an aunt or uncle join the entourage and light the candles instead. Your mother can read something so it would be especially heart-felt while his father can do a musical performance as tribute to both of you. Gain their support as they are there not only as casual observers, but as integral witnesses as you take on the first step of building your own family.