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When thinking of weddings, we immediately think of the damages. It will cost us the venue, guest list, gowns and suits, invites, food among other things. Then, there’s the theme to think about. A whimsical wedding at Blue Gardens, Quezon … Continue reading

Invitation Etiquette 101: Crafting Great Wedding Invitations



So you have decided on a wedding date and a wedding venue. You and your spouse to be, have scoured for the names of all your relatives, friends and acquaintances—your soon to be wedding guests. Now that you have made an adequate announcement about your impending nuptials on social media; all that is left for you to do is to send an actual invitation—one that is personally handed out or delivered by snail mail.

You had sufficiently perused invitations from your wedding coordinator and noticed that they come in different shapes and sizes. For traditional and classic weddings, they opt for formal and embossed invitations while a few creative couples would want their invitations more personalized and centered on a theme.

However, choosing an appropriate design and theme for your invitation is just barely scratching the surface as it is really the content of which that matters. Sure, certain invitations may pack a wow factor owing to their style, design and presentations but you need to consider the content of the invitation as well. Invitation etiquette is an imperative factor as well, and though today, anything might be acceptable under the sun, there are certain rules and guidelines that should be observed.


It is acceptable to write a short introduction as a prelude to the invitation but do not go overboard. Remember, you are penning an invitation, not a letter or a collegiate essay. Be succinct and do not get to wordy, include only the party details such as the date time and location. Directions, accommodations or where you are registered belong in a separate card.


You get a lot more freedom and leeway when it comes to styling your invitation. However, it is important to note that how you style your invitation defines the kind of tone and style of your wedding. Formal weddings should convey that through the invitation chosen.

Things like hand calligraphy, paper, layers, ribbons and formal fonts should be considered. Should you not want to indicate how your guests should be dressed, the way you style your invitation is a brief nod as to how they should be dressed. For casual weddings, it is best to style your invitations according to your wedding theme. Get playful and creative.


When it comes to RSVP dates, give your guests approximately 3-4 weeks to respond to your invitation. This is to give your wedding caterer a proper headcount an estimate on how much food they will need to prepare, so it is best that your guests RSVP as soon as possible. If you opt to include RSVP cards, remember to put a stamp on them so that the envelopes are addressed back to you.


Although some of your guests might want a subtle hint as to where they can get the perfect gift for you, including the registry on your invitation will make you appear as if you are more concerned with their gifts rather than their presence. Relay your registry information to your hostess or your bridesmaids or your mother. Your guests will know who to ask should they want to find out if you are registered.

Consider the fact that you cannot always ask your guests to stick to the registry and when you indicate your registry on the invitation will give off the impression that a gift is expected from them and that they are obliged to deliver.


Guest lists are tricky as we want to invite almost everyone we know. However, this is close to impossible if we are sticking to a budget. Invite only those close and dear to you and do not invite anyone just because you feel you are obligated to (a person’s wedding, baby shower, etc. you attended). Remember; do not stretch your budget beyond its limit. Additionally, should you not want to include children in your affair, exercise more tact by not indicating that it is a strictly adult affair. Instead, compromise by placing a separate card with the number of reserved seats indicated or you can simply indicate the names of the guests invited on the envelope.


Though the guidelines of crafting a wedding invitation are flexible, it is worthy to note that the proper basic protocol above should be observed. After all, invitations give your guests the first impression of what your wedding affair is going to be like and it is best if you gave a great and lasting one.